When is the best time to eat a protein bar?

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after. it helps refuel the energy.

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Also apparently theres a one hour 'rift' after the workout in which your body can absorb ALOT of nutrients, i think after is better

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I think it's better after too. I always try to avoid eating anything too soon before working out.

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why never?

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dont do protien bars do protien shakes cuz the bars have hydrodgizined crap in them making it harder for your body to digest them and use the nutrients(they are convenient though) as a women you need 23-33 grams of protien after a workout......now if you want it is good to do it b4 the workout also but after to prevent breakdown of your muscle tissue.

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Eat after your workout, because you muscle tissue will be in a state of repair after strenous exercise and protein will aid quicker recovery!

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he dont know SHI****

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