What are things i can do to eat healthier when i have no time to make food and am forced to eat at weird times?

I have no time to pack my own lunches so I've been eating a lot of fast foods recently. As well, I've been eating at weird times due to being busy with job and classes. Sometimes I will miss breakfast and lunch, a lot of times I end up eating diner at 1 am.

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Why don't you have five minutes to throw together a lunch at any point during the day? It really is the best idea.

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I barely get enough sleep :/ so in the mornings I tend to have to rush to get to school, it takes me two hours commuting.

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Eat Subway for lunch? Or you can buy containers of salad in other fast food restaurants and supermarkets.

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One thing that could help is preparing something the night before. Healthy snacks go a long way, as does a quick sandwich.

I realize you say you don't have a lot of time, but it only takes a few minutes. 5 minutes less of FA a day? It is definitely doable. xD

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one word. ORGANISATION...

if you really want healthier lunches? then take 5 minutes in the evening before bed to knock a sandwich, salad or w/e together.

you know, no matter what you make, half way thought the next day, IF you're hungry enough? anything will taste great!

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ooh you said that lol, sorry >.<

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I'll say the same thing I said to someone else. (Wow, sounded better in my head).

If you're in a rush with school or job, pack a bag of nuts to snack on. They're healthy fats and proteins and aren't too calorie dense (100-200 calories). You could also make a sandwich without the breads, wrap it in a paper towel or laminate and before you leave your place, take it out and put the bread on it so you can have an easy sandwich where you are. If you're in the mood for something that's pretty medium-high calorie and packed with loads of protein, make a shake. Simply add a cup or two milk, a banana or whatever fruit, and some oats or some cheap protein powder.

Eating at weird times isn't bad. Your body isn't a clock so it won't care when you eat as long as you eat enough before you go to bed. I don't know if this was helpful, but if you have more specific questions on what you can eat, I can help you more.

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Make yourself a large, healthy (not too heavy) salad at a salad bar for lunch every day!

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