How old were you when you learned how to drive?

most people were like 12. yet i still havent at 16 :P

Answer #1

17, and still don’t have my license but soon very soon lol

Answer #2

I was 15.. only because I was way too short to see past the steering wheel before that.

Answer #3

I am 14 and have never tried. It scary lol

Answer #4

My mom gave me my first driving lesson when I was 12 after a very, very bad day in order to cheer me up. I just drove a little around an empty parking lot.

Answer #5

I’m 18, and turning 19 soon, I stillh aven’t gotten my license :/ I’ve procrastinated for three years now.

Answer #6

I was 17 when I got my license

Answer #7

lucky.. 20. am going to be handed over the car key on tuesday i guess. ;)

Answer #8

I just did (: I’m 15.

Answer #9

I started getting “driving lessons” at the age of six. My mother would let me steer the wheel with her watching… I didn’t actually start driving a car till about 13 maybe…? Now I’m 17 and not doin’ too bad but now it’s a matter of time and money before I can get a permit even.

Answer #10


Answer #11

cant rermember but i was taught by a car thief a few years before i was legally allowed to drive so you could say around 15.

when i passed it was still a paper driving licence :|

Answer #12

15 when i first operated a car on private grounds. 17 when i learned to operate one in regular traffic in a driving school. 18 when I had my license. But it was not possible to have a license earlier than 18 in my country when I was 18. Now you can have one earlier.

Answer #13

lessons when I was 6-7 driving on my own at 12. I lived on a farm and we needed drivers

Answer #14

lessons when I was 6-7 driving on my own at 12. I lived on a farm and we needed drivers

Answer #15

I was 12. I asked my dad to teach me when we visited my grandparents on the farm. :-)

Answer #16

16, sadly. Wasn’t until I was 17 and 1/2 that I got my license. Now I’m almost 20 and have never had a ticket :D

Answer #17

like 7 because daddy always let me drive the golf cart and when i was tweleve i got to start driving up and down the dirt road by myself and i just got my permit like 6 months ago (:

Answer #18

My dad gave me a driving lesson when I was 11. We were in the parking lot at my elementary school on Saturday morning. I ran into the curb and started driving on the sidewalk.

Answer #19

about 15 .. but that was in fields.. i’m 17 in summer and then i’ll be able to drive on the main roads etc.

Answer #20

13… I hav a reAlly cool brother:)

Answer #21

13… I hav a reAlly cool brother:)

Answer #22

11 :)

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