Does anybody believe the supermoon caused the Japanese tsunami?

Answer #1

No i don’t beleive , for me it is just a rumor. Butit’s true that supermoon happens because earth quake, or heavy strom

Answer #2

What is the “Supermoon” if such a thing exists?

Answer #3

F=g m,m2 what they are calling the super moon, the moon is slightly

    r2         closer causing slightly more gravitational pull not enought o cause the tsunami. might cause a spring tide / king tide.
Answer #4

Well science says its a good possibility. Especially since history repeats itself and all.

Answer #5

Science supports that waves may be larger during “super-lunar” periods, but a earthquake would be caused not by the moon, but by tectonics.

Answer #6

well put

Answer #7

It was caused by an earth quake, not the supermoon.

Answer #8

Talking about belief, Yes I do believe. On of the causes of the plate to move of shift is the gravity of the moon. Supermoon is believed to be the closest distance the moon from the earth, meaning moon has the strongest pulling power or gravity, so if this may affect the tidal waves, then it may cause the plate to move or shift. Make sense to me!

Answer #9

The moon has a fairy elliptical orbit with a perigee of 357,000 km and an apogee of 406,000 km. Since the force of gravity follows the inverse square law the moon’s pull at its closest point is almost 30% stronger than its farthest. It doesn’t seem that far fetched to me that the additional tidal force could cause a sudden release of store energy between tectonic plates.

Answer #10

supermoon is a name given to the moon when it when it gets real close to the earth but this cycle is real long so its going to be a while till we have another supermoon, but theres this belief that when a supermoon happens that it causes a huge earthquake

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