What do you feel about Nuclear Energy?

What do you feel about Nuclear Energy? Could this be the best energy resorce?

Answer #1

With technology today definitely a valuable, safe, asset.

Answer #2

It’s got its advantages and limitations, like any energy source. I think it should be used more than it is right now, at least in the States.

Answer #3

anglesofdarkness: there is risk to everything. The way we generate most of our electricity now (fossil fuels) pumps millions of tons of pollution including CO2 and carcinogens into the atmosphere.

Yes there are risks and hazards to nuclear power but there are also hazards to everything. The real reason there have been no nuclear power plants built in the last 30 years isn’t because of the success of protesters or inherent dangers, it is because it can’t compete with cheap fossil fuels.

Personally I’d feel much safer living next door to a nuclear power plant than a chemical plant. I’d also rather live next door to a nuclear power plant than a coal fired power plant that bellows out noxious smoke.

Answer #4

The biggest problem with nuclear energy is that it is expensive. It could not compete with cheap fossil fuel. As the price of fossil fuel goes up nuclear becomes more competitive.

Nobody knows how far in the future nuclear fusion is but it seems to me the best technology today is pebble bed reactors. It can’t melt down, the inert gas coolant used does not change phase and absorbs little radation so the risk of leakage is almost nill.

Answer #5

nnnooo don’t use that

Answer #6

I am very anti-nuclear because of the problems that arise with waste desposal. However, if nuclear fusion could be prefected I think that could be good as the levels of radioactive waste are waaay lower than with fission from what I hear.

Hehe I am just glad I live in New Zealand, we are nuclear free, yay!

Answer #7

When you bury the waste, it gets into the water supply. There is only so much room to bury it.

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