Does anyone recycle?

does anyone recyle? I do. I think we should try and save this earth, befreo all the waste builds up, and we have toxic air to breathe in, and we all die. lol. kinda weird, but please recycle

Answer #1

We all need to do our best for the environment, but I don’t buy ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling !’ theories out there…Take care !!

Answer #2

I recycle a lot. :)

Answer #3

Yes I recycle all that I can & believe more plp need to start

Answer #4

I try, but if I know I’m not going to b able to get it clean I toss it. here in eugene, or they pay you to recycle, and there are reseptacles everywhere around town, even composting!

Answer #5

evryone recycles. our earth is doing fine. rather than preaching hellfire and damnation to the masses, spend some time living the dream. good luck with that.

Answer #6

I do!

Answer #7

we recycle at school

Answer #8

Hii, Im Danii Ryan,

Me and my co-ecosapian, Evan Albright, have a radio show on saving the planet. I definatly recycle. Not only is it useful, but it saves money, helps the earth, and gives you a great feeling inside. Though I am only 12 years old, I have seen what gas pollutions and other chemicals have done to our earth in the last 5 years, and we must act very quickly. Recycling is the easiest, in my opinion, act for “going green”, and many people dont understand how important it really is. Thanks for reading!

To check out more tips, and details on our t.v. shows, radio shows, and trade shows, logg on to www.

Please do your part in saving our enviorment,

xxSmiles. (Danii Ryan)

Answer #9

Live the dream, yes… Let other people live the dream too, please! That includes caring enough about them, and the future of the world, to recycle, but also to reduce and reuse too. Don’t know what they mean? Try this funadvice question to find out more:

Answer #10

I recycle!! I’m not a tree hugger or anything, but I love to recycle because I want to help the Earth for mine, and future generations! It wouldn’t be fair for the future generations to inherit a totally screwed world to live in. I hate to waste thing as well


Answer #11

I love recycling…whatever thats considered best for the enviroment works for me.

Answer #12

Recycling of metal papaer and plastic is required in NY. You can get fined if you throw them in the regualr trash. Although I don’t know anyone who has ever been fined.

I recycle as much as I can.

Answer #13

I recycle cans.

Answer #14

YES…I recycle. AND IT IS NOT POINTLESS. It actually helps. I don’t know where the person above me got that information, but I don’t know. I even get on my parents butts to recycle..haha.

Answer #15

I doo at skewl (:

Answer #16

Actually, “hungryhungrychippi” there are very few people who recycle. I recycle everything! Cans, bottles, egg cartons, cardboard, paper, batteries, light bulbs, etc.

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