Can anyone help me with my 1999 Jeep Cherokee sport after I took it mudding?

ok, so I took my jeep mudding yesterday, I went through a big puddle, which splashed up in my engine and it died half way through. It sat out there all night last night, water to the top of the tires. went and had a friend get me out, but when we pulled it out, we decided to open up the hood. to my surprise, I removed my air filter, which was soaking wet. the main tube that goes into the air filter we took off, moved the valve, and it was full of water in there. So we took straws, sucked out the water, and it still wouldn’t start. I know for a fact though that it’s not locked up b/c when you turn the key, it clicks, and the serp. belt attempts to move a lil, but it never kicks on. I need help big time, b/c if its not out by tomorrow…. I’m done for.

Answer #1

Ok, first of all it’s a good thing it won’t start. DON’T START IT ! Tow it somewhere you can work on it. If water got down in the engine you need to get it outta there first. Drain the oil, replace the filter and add new oil(don’t over fill, use the right amount. Then, well on second thought dude if water sucked in through the exaust and that’s what killed the engine, (hopefully you just have electrical components that are wet which is no big deal they will dry) If you don’t wanna ruin your jeep for good, I’d tow it to a shop and tell them what happened & just bite the bullet and do this right. If the engine is full of water and you get it started, it’s gonna smoke it real quick and cost you big time. Let a mechanic look at it first. I’ve been down this road many years ago and learned the hard way. Your situation may not be too bad, but don’t take chances. Good luck.

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