My son turned 2 in August but will not talk.

My son turned 2 in August but will not talk. I read through other reponses and responded with this question. I reposed as a question. Looking for additional ideas… He used to try and say things around 16 months but now, nothing. He ‘usually’ does what he is told to do, like ‘close the gate’, ‘throw that in the trash’ and many other things but will not say anything. I have expressed my concerns to his Doctor. He asked me about what my son understands. As of his last visit we were told he is just taking his time speaking. I still have my concerns. Has anyone found techniques that seem to help? I am ok with the Doctors response but my husband is freaking out about it. My son is a 2nd child. He was 6 weeks early and everything seems to be later then my first. From rolling over, sitting up and cutting teeth, to walking etc. My daughter however (now 16 years old) did everything early. Teeth at 3 1/2 months, and full sentences/big words by 1 1/2 years. Does this mean anything? One other question… he will not sleep through the night. He normally wakes up around 2 and comes into our room. Most of the time I do not even hear him. However, then he fusses the rest of the night keeping us both up. I will admit I am normally too tired to try and put him back in his room. Help.

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My 2 1/2 year old twin boys don’t talk either, they were born 5 weeks early. We just starting the EI speech therapy. They also started the daycare which I hope will help them (at least they would copycat the other kids and try to speak!) My mom says every kid is different and eventually they will speak. Well what can I do, I try to stay positive. I know they might have a mild case of autism, because sometimes they avoid eye contact. I hope that all of our babies turn out to be ok and won’t shut up by the age of 4 or 5 ;) Good luck.

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I would not worry to much about it I have 2 kids. the 1st one was talking early but my 2nd one and I got worried as you did all kids are diff and they will do ok . what realy helped for me is readin books with them

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I’m no doctor but my nephew who’s almost 2 blabbers out words but can’t construct full sentences

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It’s normal for this to happen with premature babies. I know it’s hard but you will need to have patience. If he is delayed in everything then I really wouldn’t be worried, since he’s only 2. You could try making it a game for him. Try singing with him, repeating the same song over and over.

As for the sleeping thing my daughter had the same problem. I had to force myself to get up when she came to my bed and take her back to her bed. For a couple of nights she would cry but eventually she started staying in her own bed. Now she only comes back if she’s sick or had a bad dream.

Good luck

Answer #5

I would question Autism.

Answer #6

My brother was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Speech Delay and a few other mental things. It could be that your son is just a late bloomer, but something that you might want to consider(other than checking his hearing) is autism. I know it’s not something any parent wants to admit, but a lot of children are being born with it. My brother has Aspbergers Syndrom which is a form of autism that effects the social part of his brain. We didnt know until about 3 years ago(he is now 13). Explore EVERY possibility, and do not give up untily uo have a definitive answer.

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yeah id do what sillygirl606 said, my best friend had hearing difficulties + couldnt speak till she was 4. good luck x

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think about getting his hearing checked and going to a speech pathologist.

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I would seriously consider getting his hearing checked. I have 16 month old twin boys, one of them is saying words like mommy, daddy, baby, uh-uh, oh-oh, bye bye, go, hi… and the other one is not saying anything. Like yours he can follow commands like “come here” and stop but just does not show an interest in talking. We took him sept 22 to get his hearing checked and found out he has moderate to severe conductive hearing loss in BOTH ears, which would be why he does not want to talk. He cannot hear clearly to say things. Is your son loud when he does rarely babble? Does he seem to like louder noises and louder toys? What about areas that echo like the kitchen and bathroom.. does he seem to prefer being in those areas? Also is he protective of his hands? Is he very very observant? Those are some things I noticed with my son. But, I think you really need to get his hearing checked… just rule that out before you and your doctor assumes he is just a late talker… Its like my sons audiologist says “talking is the most effective way of communication so when a child comes in and shows no interest in talking that is not normal, there is a reason for that and it must be discovered”.

Also, I dont know what state you are in but every state has an early intervention program for children birth to 3. Here in my state it is called First Steps. Some states are called Early Steps but they can come evaluate your son to make sure he is meeting all the milestones, if he isnt.. like in speech and language, a SLP (Speech/Language Pathologist- aka- speech therapist) work with him. Both of my kids get occupational, speech and physical and one gets nutrition and developmental therapy as well. It is a great program. I hope this helped, and I hope it didnt scare you but hearing loss can happen even if his newborn hearing test was perfectly normal.. its called Conductive where as those present at birth are called Neurosensory or “nerve”.

Feel free to check out my page if you want more info on toddler hearing loss…

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