My 2-year-old son doesn't talk

My son is 2years and 4 months old and he doesnt say many words. And when he does talk no one can understand him. He even talks out his nose. Should he see a speach ther.???

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I would like to thank everyone (sorry not an answer) for all their responses. My son turned 2 in August but will not talk. He used to try and say things around 16 months but now, nothing. He ‘usually’ does what he is told to do, like ‘close the gate’, ‘throw that in the trash’ and many other things but will not say anything. I have expressed my concerns to his Doctor. He asked me about what my son understands. As of his last visit we were told he is just taking his time speaking. I still have my concerns. Has anyone found techniques that seem to help? I am ok with the Doctors response but my husband is freaking out about it. My son is a 2nd child. He was 6 weeks early and everything seems to be later then my first. From rolling over, sitting up and cutting teeth, to walking etc. My daughter however (now 16 years old) did everything early. Teeth at 3 1/2 months, and full sentences/big words by 1 1/2 years. Does this mean anything? One other question… he will not sleep through the night. He normally wakes up around 2 and comes into our room. Most of the time I do not even hear him. However, then he fusses the rest of the night keeping us both up. I will admit I am normally too tired to try and put him back in his room. Help.

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you probably should. can you teach him to talk out of his mouth? maybe when you can’t understand him he isn’t really talking and maybe he’s just making sounds.

Answer #3

he is just learning slow. all kids arent the same just give him abit longer and encourage him with books etc.

Answer #4

You should try talking to him more. Take him out with your friends and have them talk to him. Children all learn at different paces so it takes time. You might have to get him speech classes though. Just try working with him some more. Goodluck

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Everyone develops differently. Your son is a little young to talk compared to me. I didn’t begin to actually be able to say words until I was about 2 and a half so I wouldn’t worry too much but you could take him to your child’s doctor about it. Im sure he or she will know exactly what to do.

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My son his going to be 3yrs in 3 months, he’s talking more now. Some months ago I don’t even understand him. Maybe you should talk a little speech with him everyday.

Hope I help!!!

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It depends on the child. If a child is very coordinated and mechanical they may talk later while a child that walks later may talk really early. My daughter taught my grandson sign language and at 2, Conner was using signs for ‘more’ and ‘love you’ and a few other things. He’s just now stringing words together a bit but the old point and ‘ooo’ still works fine and ‘ewww’ has several meanings. Some don’t talk until later because we don’t let them try, we know their ‘sign language’ and they see no reason to work on it. If by 3 they aren’t moving along, might want to have your pediatrician consult with you. Good luck and have fun, talking can happen quite quickly all of a sudden and then you miss the baby days.

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You should talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. Your son’s doctor should be able to put your fears to rest or recommend your next course of action.

One story I’ve heard was that young Samuel Clemens (later Mark Twain) didn’t say a word until he was 3. When he first spoke at 3 he astonished everyone with a perfect sentence. His parents asked him why he never spoke until now and he replied that up until then he had nothing he needed to say.

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Ok im not an expert but I do have a son who will be 2 at the end of june and he says only a few words. Everyone I have asked has said he will talk when he is ready. Before you call a therapist call you primary care provider (your childs doctor) and they should be able to answer any questions that you have. Easier said then done but don’t worry he will be fine. Good luck :)

Answer #10

Children vary a lot - all the advice given above is helpful. Some children speak late because they’re waiting until they can get it right (like Mark Twain, I suspect). Others start slowly because they have had a lot of ear infections and their temporary loss of hearing has delayed their speech development. Others may have a physical issue which slows them down (even being very small, like my second son, who ‘squeaked’ instead of speaking - is that what you mean about talking through his nose?) So yes, you should mention your concerns to your health professional and they will be able to help you work out if anything needs to be done just yet. Don’t worry too much, but do ask for a medical opinion.

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