The End Of Oil.

Are any of you aware the worlds oil supply is going to be gone sooner than expected. and that about 95 percent of things around you were made from oil? - are you aware? afraid?

Answer #1


The oil crisis cannot be entirely blamed on politics, so educate yourselves.

I understand the concerns of environmentalists regarding Anwar.

But Anwar is huge. And drilling would not require using all of the territory of Anwar.

While I acknowledge that drilling is not at all a remedy to the energy crisis, and that we should absolutely be exploring alternatives, at present, drilling makes sense.

The thing is, we all complain about wanting energy alternatives and cheaper oil. But many people do not realize that energy alternatives (I.e., not oil) also cost tons of money. So if you don’t like spending a ton of money on oil, okay, I understand. But it will cost fortunes to revolutionize the way we utilize energy. It’s not as easy as the media likes to make it sound.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. But it means that people need to understand that the situation will take compromise.

Answer #2

where are you getting your info from? america uses about 6.5 billion barrels of oil a year. there’s enough oil in alaska, that we haven’t touched, (follow me here,) THAT WE KNOW OF, to satisfy american oil needs for more than 2 years. california is sitting on another one of the largest untapped oil deposits in the u.s. also, there’s about 2 TRILLION barrels worth of shale oil just sitting underground in colorado, utah, and wyoming. -which means that even assuming our refining methods are only able to refine it to HALF it’s original quantity, that’s still enough oil to power america for over a century and a half. wow…I’m shaking in my boots. we will have massive amounts of untapped oil for a long time after the world has switched to using synthetics, or gone to electric vehicles, or whatever we wind up doing. I think everyone neds to calm down about the whole gas shortage. the reason gas is expensive is because the american dollar is worth crap. there’s a worthwhile topic’ how to fix america’s jacked economy. ready…discuss!

Answer #3

You know why we haven’t tapped into the oil in alaska, and many other spots in the united states? because they’re protected areas. most of the oil deposits in alaska sit under a wildlife refuge and therefore can’t be tapped.

Answer #4

* “I think everyone neds to calm down about the whole gas shortage. the reason gas is expensive is because the american dollar is worth crap.”

Spot on. Most Americans have no idea that the price of gas today is really the result of the Bush economic policies of guns + butter+ lower taxes.

Answer #5

Yeah and I’m terrified! No cars, no tv, no music, no washing machines, nothing!!!


I don’t know how I will survive! Boo Hoo


Hope the oil lasts as long as I live.


Answer #6

That isnt necesarily true. That is only if a lot of things don’t come into play. Wait until the new president of the United States THEN come and tell us the world is ending.

Answer #7

Yeah, Its Going To Go Out In Our Life Time, Afraid? Heck Nah.

:] Itll Stop The War . And We’ll Find A Better Fuel Than Oil. :D

Answer #8

no we got so much oil in the U.S that hasnt been touched. So we are set for generations to come plus by then we might be running on something else. and ENERGY EFFICENT who’s saying high gas prices is “good” for us is wrong. look whats happening to americas economy because of high gas prices and look at the airline business. people are loosing jobs because of gas prices

Answer #9

look at brazil those smart bastards switch mostly to ethanol back in the 80’s. Too many rich people off of oil in this nation, don’t want to lose money.

Answer #10

Higher gas prices are good for us… We are being forced to change our habits and go “green” Also since plastics are made of oil we will be able to use our oil for hundreds and hundreds of years. Giving us a need to drill in our country. And allowing for a fast build in technology. Perhaps the world has a need to travel to another planet (this being worst case scenario) then we will have a leg up in the technology needed because oil is definately not going to do the job. And a nuclear powered shuttle would definately give a elongated self-sustaining source of energy. What it all comes down to is let the prices get high let people get smart and start making more technology, giving more jobs and a larger economic growth. In the end everyone will be making good money and inflation will be better controlled!

Answer #11

actually bush just put more money into drilling in the artic why wont they stop messing with the polar bears! lol

Answer #12

well oil is suppose to run out before 2050 scientist predict but now poeple are startin to use hybrids and are using ethnol

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