Im Worried For My Druggie Friend

My Friend Is 13 and he is smoking pot. I would not normaly be worried for him but he smokes like 2 bowls a day. He is now talking about moving on to shrooms. I talk to him about it and he says “Im a loser and this is my escape” I tell him he doesn’t need it but he wont listen.

Answer #1

It is an escape, but from what? Try to find out what he is trying to escape from and encourage him to get counseling ASAP!

Answer #2

man tell him do what he wants, just watch him, if you know you cant stop him, then have him come over when hes all high so nothing happens,

im 16 and done almost ever drug in the book, and 2 bowls aint nothing, I was smoken about 20 some bowls a day, ever day, wake up smoke, till I sleep,

but ya, back to the point, talk it out and if you know he aint going to stop then have him come over and chill, or hell get arrested or die or somethen but ya

take care

Answer #3

id tell his parents if he wont listen,hes far too young to b on drugs

Answer #4

If you’re truly worried, get him help - get parents involved or responsible adult - he must get off the road that leads to nowhere…Take care !!

Answer #5

Ok from a personal pot heads experience, I promise he will be ok. Nobody has ever died from pot for one, it is illegal, but hopefully not for long. A lot of people do it, whether you know it or not. I love pot and I don’t usually go a day without it, but I am still going to college every night, going to work everyday, I have my own car, my own house, and I own all of it. I pay my way through school, so it’s not going to ruin his life to experiement. It’s his choice to ruin his life or to continue making a good life for himself while he parties in moderation. Unfortunately you can’t make anyone stop something they don’t want to, and definately DO NOT tell him parents, it is not your place, if he is only 13 he will get caught on his own.

Answer #6

2 bowls a day is nothing. I once smoked 7 grams in a session. and then 4 more grams in the next session a few hours later.

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