Druggy parents

Hey I’m 14 years old and my parents smoke weed everyday, they’re also usually drunk. I’m very popular at my school and everyone loves me. But none of my friends would ever be able to understand what I go through at home so I keep everything to myself…over the last 6-9 months I’ve become very deeply deppressed and have considered suicide, or running away. My mom is a bitch in every way imaginable. For several years I’ve always had my older brother to talk to and get advice from but he moved out four months ago and nobody has heard anything from him. I come home everyday from school and cry untill my dad comes home around 6. Then when it’s time for me to go to sleep I cry myself to sleep. I really want to do something about the situation because I become sadder and sadder eveyday. I’m so fed up with my life!!! Please someone give me some advice or support or whatever. I’m tired of living in hell.

Answer #1

This is very serious. DO NOT RUN AWAY it will make things a tonne harder for you. Also DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE either… The best thing to do is to call Childline on: 0800 11 11. The call doesn’t show up on the phone bill and so no-one will ever know that you called them.

Or go onto the Chidlline website: www.childline.org.uk

Answer #2

See the school counselor, call someone.

But just for the record, not everyone loves you like you think. ;-P

Answer #3

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. My step father and father smoke it up all the time. If they dont harm you then its fine…its hard but its fine. If this is not the case im sorry but CAS ( chidrens aid society) is uselss. Im also getting unwanted attenion if you know what I mean all the time. What I do is say “ in my head” F*CK EM. Their not going to put me down and make my life suck. Try being around your friends and stay out of the house as much as you can, stay away from them when possible and when it aint grin and bare it. If your middle or high class grab saved money and get ready to move at 16, if your low class like me then you have to work harder. What dont kills ya makes ya stronger. If you need to talk or habe question feel free to email me. I 100% know what your going through.

Answer #4

You have to tell someone about this, ending your life is not the way to do this. If you tell someone then you could have an unlimited amount of new possibilities. Stay strong, kay? If you ever need help, I am hear to talk to as well. It’s not easy but it will get better, just tell someone.

Answer #5

awh thats so sad =(

yah maybe you should call

family member..

or talk to someone about it

maybe a friend can help you out

just let it all out but just be careful

to who you tell it to


Answer #6

I know the feeling every one on my dad side does the same.. when theyre sober for a lil while tell them if they dont stop or try and get help you WILL run away or call the cops then run to your room and slam the door. if there is a lock, lock it if not put a chair in front.. it worked for me

Answer #7

I am vey sorry. Tell someone you trust and stay near your friends as much as you can

Answer #8

the best thing to do is stay with friends or another family member.

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