Friend on drugs!

I really need help!!! I found out today that my best friend (who is like a brother to me) is doing drugs…(I started burstin out in tears when I found out) I could never imagine trying to live without him in my life. He’s literaly like my everything, but hell the moment I heard that I went balistic! I told him I want the teddy bear I gave him back, along with all the other crap. I already miss him and it’s only been like and hour. I just didnt know what to do, but what should I do from here!?!?! I really need help! Please!

Answer #1

well if he is acting funny then talk to him about your feelings more important his cause sumthing is turining him to the drugs

Answer #2

I would rather not specify but im extremly worried rite now! and I cant catch control of myself! what can I do/say! I mean I dont want him getting mad but…

Answer #3

…why not? Depending on the drug it could mean one thing or it could mean another. If you tell me the drug he’s using it would further help me to understand your predicament.

Answer #4

what drug is it? If it’s pot then I wouldn’t worry about it, but if it’s something else than tell him how you feel

Answer #5

thank you all! no further help is needed! I talked to him about it!

Answer #6

yah…it’s not pot

Answer #7

Ok…well what drug is it?

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