Druggie school advice

Hey guys! So my school is supposudly one of the top 10 druggiest schools in the nation! I’ve asked my parents to let me switch schools but their always like no were broke! Uggg. And all the friends I’ve ever made in that school are high on drugs. Prettymuch anything they can get their hands on…coke, heroin, weeds big here, lots of other stuff too. But I have never even smoked a cigarette in my life! But I’ve drank a lot. But its kinda funny because no matter how many I drink I can never get drunk haha but I guess thats a good thing?!?haha

I hate my school sooo much! How should I deal with the constant pressures?!? Because I’ve already had some druggie guy I didnt even know go up my shirt but im sure it could get a lot worse because thats very minor!

Answer #1

well at every school your gunna have the druggies trust me I’ve been tempted 2 get high a lot of times because of it but I havent… so just stick it out you could snitch but that wouldnt be very cool you would be hated lol just do what you gotta do ma.. dont give in =]] ♥

Answer #2

DONT listen to LALACALIFORNIA shes a dumba$$ SHES probablyy on weed dont Fu*kk up your life just because of her!

Answer #3

just ignore the bad focus on the good… have you ever tried for on line schooling… my friend did it for 6 years! and he only had to sit in front of a cop for 4 hrs!

Answer #4

Could you transfer to another public school? Also, there must be someone else in your school that isn’t high ALL the time. Maybe there are others like you…

Answer #5

yea, your WAY to pretty to be a druggie!!! :) but just tell your parents how uncomfortable you r and tha type of situation your n. hopefully they can save up to get you n a bettr school

Answer #6

weeds seriously not bad. all it does is make you hungry happy and sleep. and forgetful if you smoke too much. but healthwise? please. it don’t do anything. but still, I agree you shouldn’t give in.

Answer #7

well I smoke all the time…and honestly its going to be like that everywhere …but um back on point weed isint bad check it out on you tube.but if you dont want to simply dont…you do what you want to do when you want to…dont let anyone make you look like an idiot just by being submisive to their stupidity.but yeah smokin bud is not addictive and if youve fallen to it you need to take your life and priorities in order.any who do what you want just make shure you wont regret it later…and be smart and be careful


Answer #8

haha weed is goood I love ittt

Answer #9

Sadly, I would probably drop out and work on your GED on your own away from suchb a destructive environment.

Another option would be just to deal with it. If you avoid the peer pressure, you’ll probably be the top in your class.

Answer #10

smoke weed

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