My friend's taking drugs!

My mate admitied to me last night that she is taking drungs. Shes been doing cocaine. I dont agree with it, I never will. But I dont know how to help her. She likes things to stay quiet, but I dont think I can let this stay quiet. Im stuck she is one of my best friends, I dont want to ruin our friendship, what should I do?

Answer #1

You could try spending more time with her then you do now so you can show her she can have fun without using drugs. I know its hard to be like “quit drugs or our friendship is over” type thing, it just isn’t that easy to say or do. Find some information about cocaine and what could happen to her and put it in a folder and tell her to read it and thats important to you.

Answer #2

the fact she is your friend makes this matter to be kept quiet between the two of you if you do tell someone else or make it open she will be in big trouble you can help by talking to her and finding the reasons why she takes the drug regularly be close to her and try to find a way to make her stop taking the drug dont be forceful be a friend and not a ‘parent’ (meaning not to take the cold turkey or our friendship ends)

Answer #3

A true friend looks after your best interests (good or bad) - they are obligated to tell you the truth/help you - Funmail me if you’d like Help phone nos.

Answer #4

Advice her

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