What can I do to helpp my friend with drugs?

My friend’s Levi is very upset because his bestfriend Kurtis passed away. Its been months now but every once in a while he gets really upset, so upset that he ends up taking coccaine. But its only every couple of weeks. He says when he takes it, he feels like he is actually with Kurtis.
But last night Levi was like I know im going crazy and if your so concerned about my drug problem then please take me somewhere to get help. But I don’t think he is crazy, and I dont think a mental hospital is the place he needs to go, but he refuses to go to rehab. Is there any other way I can help him?

Answer #1

If you are really concerned for him tell him that there is help available to him IF HE WANTS IT, AND IS READY for it. Tell him to contact NA (Narcotics Anonymous). It’s free and they will even pick him up. He can get phone nos. and addresses by going to Google MAPS and typing in “Edmonton, Canada narcotics anonymous” without the quotes.

If you want to do more, you yourself can go to Al-anon meetings. Al-anon meetings are for friends and family of addicts. (Your friend will try to tell you that he is not an addict. He is. And he’s crying for help.)

It isn’t easy. Good Luck!!

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