is my dad a druggy

I think my dad is on drugs, he smokes a lot and I think it might be weed, is their a way to find out. im pretty sure my aunt does it but im worried about him!

Answer #1

if you really want to know.. wait till your the only one home one day and investigate it for ure self. maybe youll find the answer your looking for

Answer #2

yeah, try the smell, my mums a drug addict, she even asked me to make her a joint :(, you can tell by the way they react or look for a bag of powder or something, or if he tells you to go out the room or something

Answer #3

I comepletely understand what you’re going through. At first all you want to do is hate them for doing it.(My parents both smoke weed and drink on a daily bases) Try to just ignore it. I always try to just stay in my room as much as possible or go out with friends. I’ve let it get to me and I’m pretty deppressed about everything but if you just stay possitive and ignore it as much as possible it helps a ton. Hope I could help!!! God Bless!

Answer #4

Well then I think hes smoking weed I was young and use to smoke it , I mean its not a good thing but its not a really bad thing like he wont go crazy on it or any thing might just be eatting a lot after he smokes or sleeping. Just be hounest with him, Say dad I think your smoking weed, are you ? then what ever he tells you thats your answer he has no reason to lie about it because your his child and he should be able to trust you. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #5

Try the smell or look and see if his eyes are red. Weed is not as bad as you think. But if hes doing something more its a prob. If you find him to be smoking like half my family does and it bothers you stay out of his way. Or talk to him if hes the kinda parent you can

Answer #6

he goes in his room and locks the door, they rollies not out a packet… sorry about your mum, what does it smell like-anything in perticular?

Answer #7

it smells like a lower than tobaco if you know what I mean, like deeper

Answer #8

Does it smell kinda sweet? Not like sticky sweet.

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