What do you think of this poem I wrote?

Have you ever realized what you had after it has been gone? What you lost? The memories that now flow past you with the thoughts of back then, trying to live for the future, but your heart is wondering an so isn’t your brain. Walking down the path the two of you made. Now thinking you are lost. And now you standing there with tears flowing as one down your cheeks because you now remember what you had, an that you had it all. But things screw up an people change, love that once was perfect is beyond reasoning anymore. Times that were the best are still in your mind. Wishing you could go back but deep down past your love for that person you know how it wasn’t meant to be that you guys love couldn’t take the beat, it changed as they did, it moved on as we should. Even though your love for someone is precious that will never change but how you act on it is how you grow an adapt as a person. To show how you truly feel is to let them go as you see em walk by still remembering the past but learning to grow with it as one learning to make it part of you instead of letting it eat at you every time you think about that person, talk to them or see them. Loving someone and yet losing them is hard enough, with out worrying about remembering the past. We had it great once perfect love, perfect guy but as we grow we change an with that we need to learn to place the past in the past and try to move on, and learn you will always love that person, but how you act on it is how you learn to move on with your life and find a new love and let someone else in…

Answer #1

To long and way to much , unless your writing a story – and it needs to come together , Subject - Middle and End , bring it together and take out unnecessary words and I think you might have something

Answer #2

it wasnt really a poem it has meaning…but it was more of a stroy like you telling someone how you fell dont get me wrong it was good..but you need more practice if you want 2 be a poet… keep writing!

Answer #3

that poem was great to me and im nearly 14 and I dont need it to rhyme I still spoke to me in a very deep way and the words that I got is im hurting but it is ok to hurt I promise u I’ve been there and I honestly hope u get through love, me

Answer #4

I think what your trying to express is very difficult to do. its more like a spoken song than a poem though. its very true. good luck with future works. try to work in a rhythm and some rhyme next time. Sincerely, a poet.

Answer #5

I think it’s more prose than poem. It’s pretty much chock full of cliches and I don’t think you said anything in that poem I haven’t heard 1,000 times over from other outlets.

Poems are written in poem form and have some sort of flow. There was no flow with that, it was prose. If you want to be a poet, it is imperative that you learn the difference between prose and poetry.

That’s my opinion about it. Try to say something that hasn’t been said before, word things with color and creativity. Weave your words carefully. Then you will improve. Keep writing!

Answer #6

I wrote this the other day after I was talking to my cousin, me an her r both in the same hole. We still both love our ex’s soo much but we want them to be happy an as I was thinking, if we let them go and learn to live with everything that has taken place we will be able to move on with our own lives an be able to let someone else into it.. Idk if u understand what im trying to say then great lol..

thanks for listening..

love always megan

Answer #7

I like it. I’m sure y’all will be able to move on & let someone else in. it may hurt for a while but hey, that’s life. It’ll pass slowly. Just try not to let thing’s get to you as much. Good Luck to you both. <3

Answer #8

That’s a deep peom. that’s so true

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