How do you neutralize an acid ?

I have a gallon of acid I would like to get rid of.The company it came from is out of buisness.The container says GMC-300X. It has corrosive “8” and poison “6” labels on it

Answer #1

Acids had less than 7 ph levels, definitely if its to neutralize, just boil a water and add the acid, make sure to have a charcoal(woods)etc. on it. It will absorb the acid content of the chemical. As you said its poisonous, right PPE(personnel Protectvi Equipment) should be worn. The concentration mixture of acid and water depends on the mixture indicated at chemicals MSDS. Material safety data sheet,,,

Answer #2

I don’t know what chemical hazard labeling system is being used. In NFPA labeling hazards are listed as 0 for minimal to 4 for extreme. Not sure what 6 and 8 stand for in corrosivness and toxicity on your package.

As little as you seem to know about this chemical and chemistry in general you definitely should not mess with this. Find someplace that accepts hazardous chemicals and let them deal with it.

Does the bottle say muriatic acid? This is probably the most common acid available in gallons. This is used to etch concrete, brick, and to lower the pH of swimming pools. Not only is this corrosive enough to cause severe burns but it also gives off corrosive fumes and can react violently with other chemicals. You shouldn’t handle this without rubber gloves, a respirator and face and eye protection. Always pour acid into water and not water into acid. Adding water to a strong acid can cause a powerful and dangerous chemical reaction.

Answer #3
  1. What KIND of acid, and what concentration? The label should provide that info.
  2. What kind of company did you buy it from, and what is it used for?
Answer #4

you have to add alkaline how much and how strong depends on the stretgh of your acid I have no idea how strong it is

P.S why have you brought acid?

Answer #5

I’m only going to give you a hint. The opposite of Acid is Basis. Hope you’ll get the hint.

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