Whats your theory?

How do you think the world will end, and when?

Answer #1

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,

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  The world will end when the sun starts dying and expands to consume the orbit of the earth. I think I’ve heard that that should happen in a mere 3 or 4 billion years.

Hopefully, by then, mankind will have expanded out into the universe so will continue to thrive.

I don’t foresee the extinction of man unless, before his expansion into the universe, a large asteroid or comet strikes the earth causing the extinction of most of earth’s living creatures.

Answer #2

I don’t think the world will end until the sun goes supernova, but humans will probably cease to exist long before that. The most likely scenario for the end of humanity is that we will be wiped out by a super-virus.

The second most likely end of humans is that we disrupt our environment so badly, that most of us die, and whoever is left reverts back to hunter gatherers, and evolves into a new species.

Answer #3

When God Feels Like Freakin Ending It =]]

Answer #4

I have many theories as I see futures and have weird dreams so I am still pieceing it together:

  1. The sun will explode due to overheating because of the pollution in the atmosphere making it burn (like wood burning causing the wood to break/ash) and the bits that are spat off when the sun explodes will impact the Earth amongst other planets and shatter those ones too.

  2. The atmosphere that circles the Earth is broken somehow or burnt away by global warming or acid rain and space gets a whiff of Earth’s gravity and everything is slowly dragged towards Earth: planets, comets, stars etc and ediventually kills everyone

  3. All computers will shut down due to a virus started by a hacker somewhere in this world. It gets out of hand and it affects all machinery and factories. All our services will be taken away from us for example: electric = no heat or light; fuel = no transport or deliveries of food; factories will go bust = no clothes or material things. No more money will be printed and coins will be rare to have. It will gradually go back to how it was in the 1500’s and because we have lived with modern technology, humanity will die out because we won’t be able to cope. We will contract diseases because we won’t cope!

I could go on about it but I don’t want to scare anyone lol :D

Answer #5

I think the Ozone layer’s going to die and we’ll all burn to death,Sounds horrible but true.the way people litter and smoke,it’ll be soon.plus global warming,yeah,dreadful but very true.

Answer #6

the huuman species might probably end in the next 200-300 years if we continue to polute like this

Answer #7

I was watching this thing on discovery and they were saying it can end by ~ asteroid ~ sun exploding ~ volcano ~ we could inflict it upon ourselves with a nucleur bomb (spelled that wrong) I forgot the others… ahahah moistpanda :)

Answer #8

well, I’ve heard that if america bombs iraq, russia and china will launch huge bombs at america and all of america will be destroyed, and the whole world will start launching bombs and the world will entirely explode because of nuclear weapons.

and I’ve heard that if obama becomes president, he’s going to kill us all.

Answer #9

What I think might happen is that:

1.) Global Warming.

    Ice Caps will rise the sea level a lot and flood our land. We would have no where to go. Disease would probably be the last case.

2.) The sun probably going supernova. Which probably won’t happen in our lifetime.

3.) A huge astroid slamming into the ocean creating a huge tidal wave drowning humanity. Those are my theories.

Answer #10

I herd on the news and google <3 that on 2013 the world is going to end

Answer #11

I herd on the news and google <3 that on 2013 the world is going to end

Answer #12

way things are going less than 100 years

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Answer #15

I think a giant fold is gona flood the earth

Answer #16

a large flood.. volcanic eruption.. something like this…natural disaster. would end the world..

Answer #17

When God decides to and when Jesus comes back..Duh

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