What the hell is acid rain?

I got to know that there was going to be rain in form of acid in nigeria west africa,and if it touches any part of the body, it would result to cancer. Does acid rain really exist?what is is cause?

Answer #1

Acid rain is caused when pollutants mix with rain water, causing a slightly acidic rain when it falls. Acid rain cannot cause cancer simply by touching you. Acid rain is only very dangerous to the areas plants and buildings.

Answer #2

Acid rain occurs when pollutants such as sulfur and ammonia permeate the atmosphere and react chemically to the water molecules in the air, causing any rain or other precipitation that results from that water to become acidic.

The level of acidity varies, but the resulting rainfall invariably pollutes the land it falls onto, causing the soil to become inhospitable and damaging plant and animal life.

Acid rain does not cause cancer simply by touching your skin. It is polluted water, but it is not radioactive. Chances are, if you were standing in a downpour of acid rain, you would never know it.

Answer #3

Rain is weakly acidic naturally due reacting with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The most problematic acid rain is caused by sulfuric oxide pollution. There are statues who have weathered centuries with little damage that are now being destroyed by acid rain.

Acid rain is not acidic enough to be dangerous directly though it can damage monuments, buildings, and harm some vegetation.

Answer #4

Acid rain and exists and comes from industry polluted clouds

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