how do I deal with my druggie mom?

my mom has ben like taking pills and starting stupid arguments with my dad for no effin reason. I don’t know what to do, help me?

Answer #1

you can’t do anything to help the situation except avoid her. druggies can’t be helped until they decide they want it. talk to your dad about it and tell him how it makes you feel. maybe you could do an intervention in the future.

Answer #2

Well, it may not be the same exactly but my Mom is an alcoholic. And I haven’t been able to get her to stop at all, but just being there for her maybe to talk to (depending if you are close) could help..but as your you dealing, just try to have a positive cope method. Trust me, dont go down the bad path.

Answer #3

My geandpa had a lots of problems with pills and other drugs, the best thing to do is talk to her and if that doesn’t help talk to relitives and get them help. Anything to stop her from useing. An if all else falls rehab. And if it doesn’t work she not going to quit. Wish you luck

Answer #4

you can ask people to help you. sometimes you dont have to act by yourself. people who can aid you:

  • cops
  • friends
  • relatives
Answer #5

well do you know what kind of pills she is taking? and are they given to her by a DR? and if they were giving by a DR. what are they for? if you know this stuff I might be able to help alittle more! but I cant do much other than say ask her about it and say you dont like that she is doing them and stuff like that. like my dad is on a lot of pills b.c of his messed up back and they do make him feel good but they can also make him be a Dbag pills are not a good thing to be taking if you dont need them! I hope things get better if you have more info let me know I can try and help!!

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