Moms into drugs

So my parents are divorced . my mom has a drug prblem. I tryto confront her about it but all I get is lies In Return so I dont talk about it anymore. It hurts me eeryrime I see her because I know she’s high or whatever else she’s taking or Using. I know it’s probably not healthy not to talk about it but I have no one to talk about it with. I can’t talk to my dad becAuse he threatened to take me away from my mom last tim I brought it up. What do I do?

Answer #1

Ok so this is similar experience and I’ve delt with so much you think iwouldve exploded by now but my mom smokes and well about a month or two ago she had surgury and it nearlykilled her BECUASE she smoked and she tried to quit but well she started smoking again so I confronted her I said “mom that smoke nearly KILLED you why do you still smoke?” she answered with a silly stament because she couldnt help it I looked at her with really sad eyes she said she’ll see a dr now she has medication to keep her from smoking so much and its gotten better but what really pushed me is when I thought about my brother we were in a car accident he is paralyzed and when he had surgury my mom wasthe only one who fought the drs so they would work harder with out my mom my brother would have died too I hope this encoureges you to stand up and tell our mom her faults!

Answer #2

my dad had the same thing going on you should know that she doesnt want to hurt you ( even if she does ) its a chemical imbalance at this point and she needs help ( ie. rehab, aa, etc. ) I know thats no excuse but I think its important you know that

next…in order to help her you should help yourself by calling dss if you feel you have to of course

plus search for local interventionalists and get the rest of your family to help this WILL be one of the hardest things you do but its WELL worth it

this intervention will get treatment not only for her but for you too

well…good luck! sorry this happened to you guys :(

feel free to funmail me for more info, questions, or w/e

Answer #3

hey I totally understand what your going through. my best friend has gone through the exact same thing. the best and only advice I’m going to give you is my real life experience throughout the last two years or so. I know that iit would hurt you an unimaginabke amount of pain to move out of your moms, it’s the only way that it’s going to work out. it’s the only thing that will get into her head enough to turn her life around, and it’s the only thing that you can do to keep yourself safe. please take this advice into account. trust me on this, you want to stay on good terms with both of your parents, and living with a drugged out mom is not the way to do it.

Answer #4

Good luck. Is it an option to live with your Dad!

Answer #5

Live with your dad, and get your mom in a rehab clinic.

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