What should I do, confront my Mom about missing drugs?

Ok so today when I got home from school I looked in the can that I hide my weed in so I looked in it my weed was gone. I thought I missplaced it so I looked at spots where it might be. Then I rememberd I had some pills in a can so I looked and they were gone to. Next thing I know all my bad stuff is missing and my mom hasn’t confronted me about it so what should I do confront her by the way I’m 17.

Answer #1

Well, considering you had illegal drugs in her home where she is the person who is responsible for who and what is in her home she likely flushed it. If the police were to find those drugs in your house it is your Mom that would be arrested as well as you likely put in a juvenile detention center till you were 18 then sent to a real jail. Do you really want that for your Mom? If you’re going to do that sort of thing don’t bring it into your home and risk everyone’s well being. Better yet…don’t do it. Why screw up your life and future for a temporary high? Is a half hour of fun worth the rest of your life?

Answer #2

If it was your house and the weed and pills were gone…would you report that to the police??

I’d say, she hasn’t confronted you…yet. She might just be letting you stew in your own juices for a while. I’d keep my mouth shut, and not bring anything into the house again…after all it’s not your house…it’s her house.


Answer #3

what you do out side you shouldnt do in your moms home with out he giving you the ok

Answer #4

Well she took them away and it’s just letting it go. And you should considered yourself lucky…

Plus your old enuff to realize what you are doing,

Answer #5

I had this happen once with my w##d…come to find out my dad was the one who took it and he did NOT flush it by any means if you catch my drift…

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