What cars are good for the environment?

Can anyone tell me which cars are extremely good for the environment and also have good gas mileage?

Answer #1

Well Ford sells a lot of hybrid cars, as long as you dont majorly break it up, they are a really good breed of cars. what ever you do DO not buy a smartcar, Seriously I know they are all neat and run on electricity, and super good for the enviroment

These suckers go airborne in a small collision. not fun they will always in a big collision, get compacted into a little box, its not a fun sight

Answer #2

Cars that are made in the USA, with really good EPA laws. That rules out Hondas and Toyotas, seeing as most of their parts are made in third world countries and they are only assembled in America.

If you have the money and you’re waiting for an enviornmentally friendly model, get the Chevy Volt. It runs on Electricity and when the electric battery goes dead, it still gets 40 mpg.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid gets 41 mpg. That’s the best midsize car out there.

The Prius is made without an EPA. That’s not enviornmenally friendly at all, seeing as 50% of the energy a car uses in its lifetime is used in manufacturing it.

Answer #3

The Honda Civic GX runs on natural gas and emits zero smog. Fuel costs half as much as gasoline. It has a range of 200 miles even under bad conditions; probably more ideally. You can get a hook-up installed in your home to refuel from your own natural gas line. There’s also a refill station in every city, at least in California. You just need to find out where it is. I think after government rebates and what not it costs a little under 20 grand. Maybe 18, I forget. It has the same performance, looks, etc. as a base model Civic. It’s available to the general public not just company lease, because unlike other environmental gimmicks out there it’s practical for normal use.

If you want something a bit cheaper without figuring out where the filling stations are before long trips, try an economy car. Japanese cars tend to give the best mix of mpg and performance. American cars usually dump performance pretty bad to get the same mpg (or vis versa). Except the Ford Focus uses a Mazda engine, so it’s good.

When you pay more for fancy things like hybrids, you’re also paying for the big petroleum cost and environmental impact of mining all those rare battery materials. Only get one if you do a lot of city driving, b/c that’s where they make the most difference. So it’ll be worth the initial cost and initial environmental impact. Basically look after your wallet and you’ll be looking after the environment too.

Answer #4

Hybrid cars are good for the environment. They can reduce smog by 90 percent and they use far less gasoline than conventional cars. Hybrid cars are economical. For more detail go through mahindraxylo.net


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