Can Gasoline Evaporate ?

Say you had a car that had a half of a tank left and you parked the car in the sun outside your house in the summer and didn’t use it for a month . When you finally decided to use it again would the same amount of gas be in there or would some of it have evaporated ?

Answer #1

yes it does evaporate but ive no idea by how much over a set time.

Answer #2

No, the gas is in a leak proof container- Gas Tank- and it would not evaporate as there is no place for the potential evaporated gas to escape..

Answer #3

Yes, any liquid can evaporate. Even when it is in an air tight container, it still evaporates some…It evaporates faster when hot, than when it is cold.

Therefore parking in the shade, can reduce gas evaporation.

When it’s hot outside, gas evaporates from our gas tanks and into the atmosphere…

Answer #4

Yes, you would have less gas in your car if you parked it in the sun in the summer for a week. Not sure exactly how much it will evaporate, but it does evaporate some.

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Answer #6

Gasoline is a mixture of different hydrocarbons; the more volatile hydrocarbons evaporate readily (the vapors you see rising while refueling are volatile hydrocarbons) while the less volatile ones evaporate slowly. Gasoline left long enough becomes a thick goo when all the volatile hydrocarbons evaporate and the remaining ones oxidize.

Even sealed gas tanks have pressure relief valves.

Gasoline expands as it warms much like the liquid in thermometers. If you park a car that was “topped off” the gasoline can expand and overflow as it warms then after it cools it will have a smaller volume of gasoline than it started with. This was especially a problem years ago when service stations would fill tanks all the way to the brim to sell a little more.

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