I need some help about what I should do about a car

Ok well I just turned 17 a few months ago and till now I wasn’t ready for reality but now I am ready and when I turn 18 I want to get a car and my license I have been searching for info and looking for car’s I may want for years now I think I started when I was like 14 any ways I was thinking about a 2007 toyota prius 4dr hatchback 2wd but I don’t know so what do you think is a dependable car that doesn’t cost to much I’m not getting it brand new just pre owned so yea what do you think ? All so this is what I want in a car dependable, small ,it can’t be stick shift, it has to be 4 wheel drive cause I live where theirs allot of snow, I want it to be reliable and safe ,and it would all so be great to have it come with automatic starter cause as I said I live where there’s all of snow so yea that’s what I want so what do you think is a good car for me ?

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well that’s not possible I need the care once I turn 18 and I am getting it when I am 18 cause it cost so much less

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holy rubbercrutches I think you didn’t tell her enough

I dont know if you’ve already got your license but you should get that like a year before you intend to get your car

ford fusio, honda acord and mercury milan are all very reliable cars

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Ok well I obviously know you don’t know this but I know all those fact’s as I told you I have wanted a car sense I was 14 and I took a small engineering class in the jr High .All so If I get insurance It wont be till later on after I get my car cause I know I wont have the money right of the back .Do to the hole getting every thing for it . and I pretty much all ready have the car I want it’s ice it has all the quality’s I want so I hope it will be good but I don’t know that’s why I want opinions

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When you are 17 or 18, your first car is important. Somehow, you’ll always remember your first car. So, here are just a couple of simple ideas that may help you to think about the whole thing. Sometimes younger people don’t see all the “hidden expenses” that automatically come along with owning a car… so here are just a few and I hope they may help you out in some small way.

When you are 17 or 18, you are uaually in a very vulnerable position in life. You are most often not very stable yet at a job or an occupation… such that you go to work every day and it is the very same job that you expect to have over the next 5 years or so. So, not being that well “planted” in an occupation yet, and most likely you don’t have a lot of money either… you may want to take that into consideration first.

It’s nice to have a relatively new car, but if you are able to get financing for it, you will have payments perhaps stretched out over the next 3 to 5 years. That means a car payment, EVERY SINGLE MONTH, for the next 3 to 5 years. If your job is not really stable, (or the current economy for that matter of fact), you might possibly find yourself out of work with car payments due, no money coming in, and you could loose your vehicle …as well as a good credit rating.

Car insurance is very expensive for young people. Especially if you have financed a car, then you have to carry full insurance on it… which is much more expensive than just liability (covering the other guy, and not your own vehicle). If you are not a trained (driver’s education) driver, and not on your parents insurance policy…you are looking at perhaps as much as $ 200.00 per month for auto insurance in addition to your car payment, gasoline, etc. (It’s different, of course, in different places and with different circumstances).

Also, there is the expense of title and tag transfer to your name as well as a state registration fee each year in order to drive the vehicle legally… and the cost of gasoline and oil to run it…and parts as they break down.

Driving a used car, depending upon where you live, may mean yearly auto inspections and repairs… that could easily average about a thousand dollars per year to keep up a used vehicle so it doesn’t break down and leave you stranded someplace.

So, all I’m suggesting here is to get a vehicle that is within your budget, and before you buy the one you like…place a telephone call to your auto insurance company to not only see if they “will” insure you… but also how much they are going to charge you for car insurance. Don’t just assume that an insurance company will insure you. Some won’t.

If you can get a car, and pay for it “in full” when you buy it, if you fall on hard times financially, you can always park the car until you get back on your feet… and not loose the vehicle. If you have to make payments, and find yourself later on in a position where you ‘can’t’ make the payments, they will take your car away from you and you will have lost everything that you have invested into it.

You might also place a phone call to an auto dealer and see how much it costs to “lease” a vehicle… and how they would work that for you. That may also be another option for you, and could also mean driving a newer car as well.

The internet is a great place to look for used cars. Do a search for used cars in your area on the internet. It will give you some idea of what is available to you and what the prices are without running all over town to check out several dealers options. Most auto dealers are online nowdays.

Once you select ‘what” model of a car you would really like… check on line to see what the prices of those cars. Compare the price of what is being offered with the age and mileage of the vehicle… and match that whole mess to the amount of money you will have to spend for a car. That will give you a much clearer picture of what you are looking for, how much you should pay for it, and what you can expect to spend for a car.

Cars depreciate as they get older. They wont be worth as much the following year, or with added mileage on them. They rust out considerably, and older cars can have a wide variety of problems where they need to get fixed as they wear out.

As a rule of thumb, I have found over the years that when you are buying a used car, you should be able to drive it safely one year for every one thousand dollars that you paid for it. For example, if you buy a used car for $ 3,000.00… it will probably last you about three years. And over those three years, you can expect to probably spend as much as you paid for it in repairs over that amount of time with average driving.

I hope that much may have helped you out some. Your first car is important so I really wish you good luck in getting it.


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your doing the right thing by getting a car..

this way when you’re learning to drive, you’ll learn in your car and you’ll be heaps comfortable in it, and it will be easy to drive after you get your licence.. Thats what I did.. if you live in Australia get an Australian car best cars are Holdens, Toyota and Fords but its your first car so it needs to be small, cause smaller cars are easier to park and etc

maybe a holden barina 2008

  • there cheap to purchase
  • cheap on petrol
  • cheap on parts

goodluck with what you decide :)

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