Ew about the coldness...

I’m used to the cold but ayyyeee enough of it is enooough!!! I was born in the arctic circle. in DECEMBER! And its too f*cking cold for MEEE! Any one else feel like that???

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Omg! I know exactly how you feel. Its freezing where I live. Whats up with the world now. Extreme summer heat. Extreme winter chills. Sounds like the planets going down the tubes to me.

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Hey, I must say the states aren’t bad considering I was born in the Arctic Circle! LOL, any one here from Finland??

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Yes indeed - Global Warming run amok !!

It’s always funny to me how, during blistering hot summers, some people will say “it’s global warming!!!”. Or, during frigid winters, other people will say, “global warming can’t be real!!!”.

The reason for much of the weather in North America this year, including the exceptionally cold winter, some of the floods, droughts, and storms, is another La Niña cooling event, similar to what happened in the late 1980’s and again in 2000. There was one a couple years ago, and the current one gained strength throughout last year.

Global climate change is still being seen in the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, as well as the Siberian thaw. However, your regional weather patterns are not likely to be influenced by global warming right now, especially with a La Niña event going on.

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I hate the cold.lol. not that we really have it around here…live in africa.

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well ever sense I moved to the US I thought it was really warm untill about now.

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I HATE HATE HATE the cold. HATE it. First chance I get I’m leaving NH.

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I really enjoy the cold I am not totally use to it but I love it

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Me! Im always cold… Winter begins to bore me when the festive season ends.

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yea.born in jan

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Yes indeed - Global Warming run amok !!

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no, cold weather makes me frisky =)

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I like da cold (:

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