How is the weather?

What is the weather like where you are?

Super, ice cold here.

Answer #1

ukiah california rains a lot and cloudy a lot but we do get a lot of sun in the summer but in the winter its mostly rain or a foot of snow over night lol

Answer #2

In the UK there is extreme flood and wind warnings!!!

Answer #3

Mid colorado. snowy up higher but where I am cold but sunny.

Answer #4

I live in Alberta, canada and it snowed 5 inces yesterday now it;s stopped but it is suprisingly warm at -2 when last year around this time it was around -18

Answer #5

Im in london at the moment.. Its been raining the past few days but it stopped today.. Pretty cold..more than yesterday. Buttt it was pretty sunny.. but cold sun you know :D

Bring on the snow!!


Answer #6

I live in minnesota, u.s. it is freezing. its been below zero here. and of course theres a lot of snow on the ground

Answer #7

I’m in england. it’s rainy and windy.

Answer #8

Im in tasmania australia at da mo and usually its cold or raining but its summer and its boiling!

Answer #9

Well not as cold as Montana or Canada. A nice 9 degrees farenheit here this morning in Olathe Kansas.

Answer #10

cold and and slush all over the place..but it’s going to snow…I think…or so I’ve heard..

Answer #11

Northern Michigan here, sunny but cold with a fresh 3 inches of snow over the night.

Answer #12

I live in Oklahoma, of course, but yea here its like wanting to ice over, but it wont, its windy, and the wind is extremely cold!

Answer #13

Its singapore here! weather is quite hot in the day but been raining quite often.

Answer #14

it’s cold here.

Answer #15

Ugh… Illinois weather sucks. The sun is out for 1 min then it disappears for the next.

Answer #16

Very cold here in Montana abut 11 below this morning

Answer #17

Winter wonderland here!! Very pretty to look at but I’m staying inside…

Answer #18

I live in south africa, and the weather here is sh*t! OVERCAST AND EXTREMELY RAINY.

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