Where else is it cold?

Is it cold anywhere else? Because here in Denver Colorado has been freezing for the past 3 days… And it just makes me wonder because the cold it’s like so severe that I wasent able to move my hands at some point lol.

Answer #1

I wish it would get fu*king cold already here in Houston, im about to flop over & die from the heat.

Answer #2

Im in Como CO freezing my butt off!

Answer #3

:( And i need the heat. How about we switch houses :D

Answer #4

some days it’s hot some days it’s cold… today it was hot, rainy and humid :/ i can’t wait until winter starts!

Answer #5

What is the temperature over there Irene?

Answer #6

the last few days have been pretty humid. other than that if been freezing. im in New Jersey :D

Answer #7

It’s cold here. I hate cold weather, so I pretend it’s summer by wearing tank tops and short shorts. lol. I live in Tennessee(:

Answer #8

It’s getting chilly in St. Louis. I’m wearing like 100 blankets right now.

Answer #9

Here in Hawaii! Only at night and early in the morning. But in the afternoon is HOTT!

Answer #10

Scotland is soooooo cold the other day i had on trench coat zipper cardigan wooly headband earmuffs scarf mittens socks AND boots!!!!!

Answer #11

lol!!!!!!!!!! I imagined Irene like a bird flopping over. :D

Answer #12

I live in Canada and its just starting to get cold here. I had to get out the long pants and sweat shirts and jackets this week. The afternoons still aren’t too bad but the evenings and mornings at downright chilly. It will probably be another couple of weeks before the ground is frozen and we get snow.

Answer #13

Try Washington State. &Yeah, no, not DC! :(

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