Do you like hot weather or cold weather better?

Do you like hot weather or cold weather better?? (there is a reason behind asking this question, dont worry.)

Answer #1

I prefer cold weather, I know it sounds strange to say that, since I live in “ballsoup weather” Texas, but the way I see it, you can always put more clothes on to become warm, to cool off, you only have so many layers till your down to just your inappropriates.

Answer #2

I’d pick cold weather any day… So let’s see if I can say this and make sense at the same time. There’s only so many clothes that I can take off in public without being well…arrested. And when I’m cold, even though I may look silly I can put on a lot more clothes than I can take off. I think I said that right. And besides…I love the snow ;-)

Answer #3

I like the cold better I always complain when summers around in fact I only like summer because of summer vacation but id pick cold overr hot any day

Answer #4

I prefer spring or fall but I can’t be around pollen. I can’t go outside in the summer because I dehydrate and get very sick and my car has no a/c. So I’d say winter. At least, I get to go outside.

Answer #5

I like hot when I am asleep and in winter when I am in so many coats and sweaters

I like cold during the day and in summer when I am in shorts and tank top lol

Answer #6

I agree with ilovemetal, I like hot weather, but I’m into winter clothes, I luv the boots! lol, and the furry coats. I’m kinda peeved tho cause I got a winter coat 4 christmas, but I got the present late, so by the time I got it, it was spring, didn’t get 2 show it off! I like hot weather activites tho, like swimming and going 2 the beach and collecting shells. so I’m a hot weather girl. =D

Answer #7

well I like hot weather when theres been a lot of cold, rainy weather - which is very often in london. but then when we get our hot days I find myself complaining and wishing it were cold. but generally I love it when its hot

oh oh but then I like winter clothes more…im very into scarves and sweaters and jeans and boots and stuff so hmm I dunno lol

but yeah I guess the atmosphere is better when its a nice hot day :)

Answer #8

Both. I like cold for the snow and hot for the swimming!

Answer #9

Cold, but like miami cold (which is not very cold…)

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