Can my parents legally drug test me?

Im over 18 and i dont live with them, but i am staying here with them for a couple days while i take care of some court stuff. They tried to drug test me this morning but i made up an excuse to prolong it.

Answer #1

They might be able to get a lawyer and have him get a court order for you to take the test. But, that’s only if they have sufficient evidence. Where I am, it’s illegal to do weed and im assuming that’s what you’re talking about so the judge would have good reason to give a court order

Answer #2

Well you are living with them, if you don’t want to go by their rules then simply get out of there. Your 18 so I think you can refuse to because you are an adult but you are with them so their house, their rules.

Answer #3

Also they might be able to court order it if the dr.ugs your doing are illegal and also if your behaivior is unsafe to yourself and thers due to dr.ugs.

Answer #4

I don’t think so, seeing as you are over 18.

Answer #5

No, legally as an adult they can not force you to take a test. You are under their roof at the moment and they can kick you out though. Also, your parents can’t get a court order to test you, however, if you are on probation at the moment and they contact your probation officer he/she can legally drug test you if they feel they need too.

Answer #6

Not legally, but they are also under no legal obligation to have to stay with them. Therefore they would be perfectly within their rights to refuse to let you live with them if you refuse the test.

Answer #7

Well im not on probation or anything so i gueds im lucky

Answer #8

If You Are Over 18. No.But They Will Say You Are At My House.. So We Can

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