How can I get my parents to care about my drug problem?

I’m 16 and my drug use has gone out of control, I can’t stop using, not just one thing but anything I can find whether it’s speed or acid. I’ve stoped caring about everything that used to be important to me, like dance, school and even living. I ditch school almost everyday because I’m too hungover or I’m getting messed up again, and everyone always makes fun of me there, for some reason this girl had a problem with me and she has gotten everyone to hate me. I can’t help it, I’m just so depressed and angry at the world, the only time I feel happy is when I’m on something. I constantly think about suicide, and I always question whether anyone would even care. I always feel so alone and I’m afraid I’ll always be alone. Everytime I try to tell my parents how unhappy I am at school, and how depressed I am about everything they just start yelling at me to shut up and accuse me of trying to threaten them then they’ll start yelling at each other and it always results in all of us beating each other up. Then when it’s all over they’ll always say “see what you cause in this house?! You do nothing right for this family”. It’ hurts so much to hear that because all I want is help. Another thing is they have no idea of the drugs or partying. Somehow I’ve kept all of it hidden from them, I really don’t want to tell them any of it because they’ll be hurt and I’ll be in a lot of trouble. But I know I need help and that I can’t go on living like this. It’s like half of me doesn’t want to quit the whole party lifestyle because it’s the only time I feel happy, and the other half knows I’m completely screwing up my life and that something needs to be done before I end up screwing myself over for good. I just really don’t know what to do, I’m at a loss.

Answer #1

Thank God you do have the half of you that knows you’re screwing up your life! Honestly, highschool sucked for me too – the looongest 4 years of my life. Life gets sooo much better - believe me! Just get through it with those jerks in school and try to be cool with our parents.. Seems like you are wanting your parents to save you, but if you don’t want to or can’t tell them , it’s up to you to save your own life.. If they are anything like me (and most parents are) they are DYING to know what is going on in your life! And will do anything to help. Just know this for sure – even though you are still considered a kid, what you do now with your life matters, and may determine how the rest of your life ends up – so please take control now, and be the best person that you know you can be!! Good luck to you- I wish you well.. :)

Answer #2

Your parents can not care about your problem if you don’t talk to them about it. I know how it can feel to have people hate you in school and not want to be there at all. But those people all have their own issues and chances are they are suffering too. You really need to stop the drugs and parting to think clearly, the drugs only going to make you more depressed. Go to your school counselors or do you have any other family who will listen? Suicide is defiantly not the way to go. And don’t listen to Janeesacote and just wait for God. God can help and so can prayer but you have to take things in your own hands. You are a smart kid and knowing that you need to stop and get help, that’s a huge steep already! Don’t stop here go get an adult to help you through this, there are help lines everywhere and all kind of organization to help kids stay off drugs. This is your only chance at life, make it a good one and do it now, everyday counts and the sooner you start the better.

There are lots of people out there who do care about and love you, no matter what !!!

Remember being a parent is also hard and stressful so don’t give up on them.

Answer #3

My advice is just waitand pray. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” God has plans for you and he will never ever neglect you. This is what I do. Just trust the Lord. And never do suicide. It will just worsen problems. Just be optimistic even though it really hurts. I hope I have helped you.

Answer #4

Think about your life, if you want to die from drugs or want to live a normal life, all you have to do is get some HELP to turn you life around ,you can do it , so do it and you will feel better life is precious don’t waste it.

Answer #5

PS, This wont help much but its good to know; it’s not necesarily that your parents dont care- chances are that they feel hopeless, helpless, useless and are really afraid of what it is you are feeling. Are you there???

Answer #6

Dear radfrenchfries, At 16 you can call the help line at 1-800-668-6868 or you can look in the phone book for the nearest rehab or even the nearest AA will help you. Since you cannot seem to get the help you need at home and you are asking for the help here then you are willing to do something about it right…so call, and go to these agencies for help. You are smart enough to know that you will not live long at the rate you are going and you need help now. You are not a bad person but the drugs are bad making you be someone you are not. Time to get real with yourself and get the help you need. Sue…good luck

Answer #7

I know you are probably too young in life to get this, or believe it but here it is; I LOVE YOU! I will hep you if I can, if you can figure some way for us to contact each other in private, I will give my life over to helping you to be happy, if you need me. We can talk on the phone and work out how I can help you. If someone wants to offer financial help in case I an needed to stay near his home, please also find a way to do that. PS I am not religious, I am not a nutter. I just know how to care and how to be with this situation.

Answer #8

Hi..I feel bad for you and remember exactly the same thing when I was your age…Please let me suggest that you try…and really go out at the weekend and enjoy yourself. Dont go out during the week,maybe have your friends round the house and create a pattern…a habit thats good. You obviously are an intelligent person and I sincerely hope you sort this hiccup out…

Answer #9

thats sad…even if life seems hopelss now it can get a help center or police

Answer #10

Where have you gone? I am still here :-)

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