Do low carb diets work?

Do low carb diets work?? Please help.

Answer #1

Listen there are advantages to any diet, but the safest is just eating good natural, low calorie, sugar, sodium foods. Like keep you protein up, only 3 oz of meat, lean skinless chicken, turkey breast, loin type meat and fish, lots of veggies, fruits, and water. Snack on nuts and seeds about 1/3 cup, instead of chips and cakes and cookies. Cut out fried and fast foods, also. Whole grains like wheat, pasta,bread, rice and cereal. Drink lots of water instead of presweetened drinks and soda. Eat veggies, broiled or stir fried or lightly broiled. Eat dairy lowfat milk skim cheese or low fat, yogurt and low fat, skim milk every day. It’samatter of smaller portions and low fat meals along with exercise 3-4 times a week that will show you results

Answer #2

The Abs Diet for women website:

You can buy it online at for $13.72 and .97 shipping.

Answer #3

haha response to fototag: I kno once my doctor told me to go on a extremely low carb diet for like a month and my parents and i joked that i couldnt have an apple caus eof the natural sugars, but a lb of lard is perfectley accebtable!! so long story short i agree~!

Answer #4

If you pick a plan and follow it, yes. For at least the first 2 weeks you should follow your plan as closely as possible. Take away foods that you don’t like, but don’t add any. Follow your “acceptable foods” list and the rules of your plan. And follow your plan through the different stages as written. Once you get into it you can “tweak” it for your preferences, but remember that this should be a plan for life, not quick weight loss.

Answer #5

wow that actually sounds do able do u kno where else u can get it cause we dont have a wallmart around here

but i do agree with what you first stated ive been low carb for about a year and i have lost about thirty pounds but i have to stay like that or its going to go straight back on also just cause your low carb isnt going to change it portion controll needs to play a large roll in the diet

Answer #6

yes they do work, im on the lipotrim diet whith is a liquid diet and and there r no carbs in this diet atall it very extream u cant eat anything at all mut i lost a stone in a week u can pick it up at ur local pharmacy and u get a weigh in every week its compleatly save as all ur nutritions ur body needs are in the shakes, but it is very very hard im on my second week of it now and im goin to do another two weeks so ill have lost 3 stone by the time im finished

Answer #7

yes they do. My husband went on the Tony Fergussion Diet and lost 28kgs.. Sick to i it oes work

Answer #8

Make that low carbs and low fat. It doesn’t matter so much what you eat as it does how much. You have to cut down on your total calories, carbs (including sugars)and fats but eat protein in place of the carbs & fats. However you can’t cut out all carbs because your body has to have a certain amount of them, esp your brain. It has to have carbs.

Answer #9

As a forever diet yes. Meaning you have stay low carb or you’ll gain it all back. Here’s an alternative:

Try the Abs Diet for Women. You can buy it at Wal-Mart for about 18 bucks.

It contains 789 Best on -the-go food choices, the complete supermarket survival guide, 60 six-minute meals for a six-pack along with other tips on diet and exercise.

Here is a little snippet of it:

This at-a-glance guide summarizes the principles of the Abs Diet: The 6-week plan to flatten your stomach and keep you lean for life.

Number of meals - Six a day, spaced relatively evenly throughout the day. Eat snacks 2 hours before large meals.

The ABS DIET POWER 12 - Base most of your meals on these 12 groups of foods. Every meal should have at least two foods from the list.

Almonds and other nuts Beans and Legumes Spinach and other green vegetables

Dairy (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese) Instant oatmeal (unsweetened, unflavored) Eggs Turkey and other lean meats

Peanut butter Olive oil Whole-grain breads and cereals Extra-protein (whey) powder Rasberries and other berries

(notice every first letter spells out ABS DIET POWER)

Portion size- While many diets center around controlling portion size, the Abs Diet is designed to be self-controlling. The High-fiber, high-protein foods you’ll encounter in this book will fill you up and keep you feeling full for hours. Your body will tell you when it’s time to eat - and when it’s time to stop.

Secret weapons - Each of the ABS DIET POWER 12 has been chosen in part of its stealthy, healthy secret weapons - the nutrients that will help power up your natural fat burners, protect you from illness and injury, and keep you lean and fit for life!

Nutritional ingredients to emphasize - Protein, monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats, fiber, calcium.

Nutritional ingredients to limit - Refined carbohydrates ( or carbs with high glycemic index), saturated fats, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup.

Alcohol- limit yourself to 2 or 3 drinks per week, to maximize the benefits of the Abs Diet plan.

Ultimate Powerfood - Smoothies. The combination of the calcium and protein in milk, yogurt, and whey powder, combined with the fiber in oatmeal and fruit, makes them one of the more filling and easy options.

Cheating Exercise Program - One meal a week, eat anything you want. Optional for the first 2 weeks. Weeks 3 through 6 incorporate a 20-minute, full-body workout 3 days a week. Emphasis is on strength training, brisk walking, and some abdominal work.

At-Home workout - Gym workouts and at-home workouts are both detailed to excuse-proof your fitness plan.

Abdominal workout - At the beginning of two of your strength training workouts. One exercise for each of the five different parts of your abs.

Answer #10

as a matter of fact, it does work! last year I didn’t eat much rice for 3 months and I lost 5 kilograms. well, rice is okay, just don’t eat too much, that’s all. and avoid fries please. their not that healthy. (especially mcdonalds)

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