Why is everyone convinced humans are the main cause of global warming?

Answer #1

because we are the ones that discovered global warming…?

Answer #2

Because we are the ones cutting down trees to build houses and buildings. We are the ones using up natural resources. We are the one sending emissions into the atomosphere. We are the ones who disrupt many natural habitats by our colonization. We are the ones creating so much trash. We are the ones who care more for the money we make than the well-being of our earth.

Answer #3

yeahh ^ that too

Answer #4

Nature through volcanoes, forest fires, decomposition of plants, etc. puts a huge amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and generally nature can handle this baseline amount. Humans however have the ability to add more than nature can handle and we are the only ones who can devise control measures.

Answer #5

yeah true

Answer #6

I wouldn’t get too worried about global warming, the earth goes through heating and cooling stages just because it’s the way things go. Ever heard of the “ice age”? The earth froze In Certain parts of the world. And Greenland used to be tropical and warm. We’re just going through another stage like these.

Answer #7

The animals don’t build factories and change stuff into big cities and cause wholes in the o-zone layer. Also there wasnt global warming way back when we didn’t have all these technologies but instead lived in a little cabin and used what was on this planet and bot factorie built, and even build their own house with what they could. Animals just couldn’t be the cause..

Answer #8

Because we burn fossil fuels to get electricity, we are the ones who cut down trees to use them for personal use, we have all this factories, some people don’t really care about recycle and just waste, making factories to make more products causing more contaminated air into the air and all that. We are kind of the main cause of global warming all together.

Answer #9

everyone chill.. the earth goes through warming and cooling periods every couple thousand years. This is normal. The government is boosting how bad pollution is so that everyone will watch the amount of natural resources we use. And another thing, ever wonder why people use “climate change” and “global warming” differently? climate change is a natural occurance which is happening now, u can tell because some places are getting warmer, others are getting colder. Global warming is the warming of the earth, which is not whats happening because where i live, its been one of the coldest winters in a long time.

Answer #10

Everything is natural. Global warming is not nearly as half as true as you think. In al gores movie, it is all fake. It was proven, and the earth goes through cooling as well. It is a natural thing. They said penguins were dying as well, penguins live in the south pole, not north. It is a load of crap people are feeding others. Its a belief now and nobody will know the truth because everyone makes up stuff for publicity

Answer #11

well bcuz if we were not here the earth wood be a lot better off. ok thats a dark comment but its true. We create pollution everywhere:on the ground, in the air in the sea and its insane! We also keep producing stuff then throwing it away!

Answer #12

I do not believe in Global warming….

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