Global Warming.. Al Gore

This more a state ment than a Question.. there has been two questions out there on Global warming.. See there are uneducated people on global warming and the rubbish advice they gave.. Guys it is a real threat that we are creating.. not the plannets natural development and blah blah blah.. best all watch Al Gores’ movie on Global Warming.. “An inconvinient truth” is what it is called.. Google search “Al Gore Global Warming” and get educated .. any thoughts???

Answer #1

The earth has gone thru ‘Global Warming’ before in our long ago past history. It is a normal change of our earth. Al Gore is a dork. He thinks he invented the Internet too…

Answer #2

*I’ll be out in my backyard, emptying aerosol cans into the atmosphere. -just doing my part to save the earth.

well chippo you’d look pretty stupid emptying those aerosol cans out and wasting your money because aersol cans can no longer contail cfcs

Answer #3

perhaps it is YOU who is uneducated in global warming, and you’re giving us rubbish advice. maybe it’s the planet’s natural development, not a real threat that we’re creating and blah blah blah. maybe it’s not in our best interest to all watch al gore’s movie on global warming. maybe we should take his movie, and put it into a “lockbox” with all the other crap that we have from al gore. or, here’s my personal hope; that the whole global warming thing IS happening, and it’ll create a wealth of new, warmer, habitable lands that were heretofore considered cold and crappy places to live. that one get’s my vote. until we get some new places to live, so california isn’t so crowded, I’ll be out in my backyard, emptying aerosol cans into the atmosphere. -just doing my part to save the earth.


Answer #4

Natural climate change in progress - the ‘sky is not falling’.

Answer #5

its not natural, and were causing it if humans werent around, and we didnt have cars, pollution, electricity and crap like that the world would be a very different place people who dont think its happening are either in denial or are uneducated

Answer #6

I saw it, we were made to watch it at uni for our epidemiology essay…

what a terryfying film, and anyone who doesn’t agree with global warming or feels that it is the earths natural ‘state’ right now needs a serious reality check!!

this world is being poisened, and the planet will get rid of those destroying it before it allows it to be completly demolished… think ‘the happening’ crossed with ‘the day after tomorrow’ …ummm I reckon if I were mother nature, I would kick the humans a$$

Answer #7

I do agree we have way to much pollution, and we should take steps to better our Earth for our future generations. However I am not convinced of this “global warming” theory. Just take a step back and look at the big picture, the sun has been burnig for millions of years, how can you expect the sun to be consistant over such a long period of time? Maybe the sun is just burning a little hotter, im sure if there was a almanac of the temp. of the sun there would be periods of hotter and colder temps through out history. I am not an expert on the subject by FAR, I do have an open mind… l think I will google it.

Answer #8

Gore’s video exaggerates the impacts of global warming by using the most extreme model predictions. Some of his statements also contradict the IPCC’s own report. Gore himself admits that many scientists who have acknowledged global warming don’t agree with everything he says.

The truth is, climatologists are not entirely sure how global warming will impact all regions of the planet or the atmosphere. What they are sure of is that the phenomenon is happening and that increased levels of CO2 due to human activity is the primary cause.

Answer #9

sorry to disagree

if global warming is a farce, why are temperatures raising so rapidly (a few degrees every few decades)? in prehistory, climate changes never took place this fast over this short a time

Answer #10

I dunno man, a lot of the people here seem to agree that global warming is a farce. we may have to agree to disagree on this one.

Answer #11

I think its earths natual cycle, along with ice ages and what not…

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