have high cholesterol, what should I eat to get it lower?

I have high cholesterol, what should I eat to get it lower???

Answer #1

I am a personal trainer & all the above foods & advice are excellent. I couldnt have said it better.

Answer #2

no butter, margarine, chocolate or other fatty foods, especially no fast food…

yoghurt, white rice, plain chicken breast are a few foods you should eat…

Answer #3

Great cholesterol reducing foods are oatmeal, almonds, fish, olive oil, blueberries, pomegranate…to name a few

Answer #4

Stay away from fatty foods. Eat grilled chicken instead of red meat at least once a week. LDL (low density Lipo-protein) is considered the bad fats. You may also try to increase your HDL (high density Lipo-protein). Ask your doctor to find out what your numbers are, and he will be able to give your a better diet.

Answer #5

oatmeal and cheerios

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