How to get more inches off my lower abs?

I have lost a total of 2.5 inches of lower abs but I havent seen real inches off since I lost the orginal inches..

So I need ideas on how to get off the rest of the 3 inches off..???

I do crunches for lower and upper etc so I need more ideas or excercises…

Please Oh and I do eat very well… I dont eat bad stuff

Answer #1

Hey girly!!!

  1. To work your lowers abs you can do what I call frog legs (spread open w/ feet together) and go only 1/2 way up for ever how many reps you want to do.

  2. Use an exercise ball in between your legs and raise and lower them as well as your head.

  3. Have someone stand behind you and you hold on to their ankles and when you raise your legs up have them push your feet away from them really fast and that resistance will indeed help you as well. (make sure when you do this one you don’t go all the way back down and let your feet hit the floor)

I work out at Curves and sometimes work with a personal trainer there so these are just some of the things we do. I will funmail you some more when I think of them. ;)

Answer #2

whats lower abs?

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