What would I do if I wanted to trip out my 1989 Honda Prelude?

I was thinking about selling it and buying a new car, but then I got looking around online at other Preludes and they looked pretty nice. I know I probably need a new engine (the one I’ve got in there has almost 300,000 miles on it. But where would I get it? And what about other tuner parts? I don’t know anything so how do I keep from getting screwed over?

Answer #1

I would just run that car until it dies, sell it for parts, and then buy a new car or if you like that car try and find another one.

Answer #2

If the car needs a new engine, your better off purchasing a new vehicle and then customizing it. Engines arent cheap.

Answer #3

And the car is probably rotted out (depending on where you live)

Answer #4

Well, I really only have the money to either buy a car about the same age as mine that might have just as many problems or spend that money on my car and maybe work on making it something I wouldn’t mind driving around in.

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