What could cause a car to not turn on or for it to turn off when you come to a stop?

Before it was when you would stop at a stop sign or red light and then since we started using it again it had no problems and it started doing that again and then the other day it just wouldn’t start back up and today it turned on again but after turning it off and then re-attempting it, it does not start again.

Answer #1

Bad battery?

Answer #2

A new battery was just bought like a month ago…

Answer #3

Maybe dirty fuel injectors if ur car turns over but doesn’t start.. u can get fuel injector cleaner at a gas station just read the lable before u dump it in

Answer #4

sounds like its stalling on you. maybe you should get everything checked out or your oil might need changed

Answer #5

wrecked up mechanism….

Answer #6

Check the battery cables. Sounds like they’re loose. If they’re not loose at the battery they’re loose somewhere else. I think maybe it could be a coil pack too. Perhaps a clogged catalytic converter?

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