What car would be suitable for a young (teenage) father?

Preferably something not new and not old. Stylish yet perfect for a family car (family of three). Thanks.

Answer #1

European model or American model? The cars are different, even if the same company builds them)

And what’s the budget? And what does he do with the car? And how long will he use that car before getting another?

Does he need it to commute to work? Then a fuel saver would be ideal. Even if the price for buying it is higher. Also consider the insurance and tax rates you’d pay for that car, if such are obligatory in your place. They differ per car model in my country.

Will he need it to transport large items (baby travel bed and baby carriage) regularly? Then he should get one that has sufficient space for that. You might want to look at safety / crash tests, too. What kind of job does he have? Will he be needing his car there? If he is a craftsman for example and will drive to muddy construction sites, you might want to consider getting an offroader. Are there plans for the family of three becoming a family of four or even five? Then you should get a car that has sufficient space to install several kids-safety seats.

For European cars, I’d suggest you look at “Renault Espace” (5 of 5 star rating at crash tests, van), or “Citroen Berlingo” (van/transporter the only car in a recent test that was good to install 3 rear-facing baby-seats on the back seat). They are nowhere near cool, but they will definitely come in handy when moving to another apartment, driving home hordes of kids to and from visiting their friends, carrying large items, shopping and organizing a large bbq with other young families.

Answer #2

Used or new? (It’s something I’ve thought about as well)

Answer #3

Ford Festiva! Great On Gas.. But Don’t Get A New One ..Get A 2008 2009

Answer #4

Lots and lot of cars to select from. I think the Mitsubishi Lancer, Holden Cruz, Holden Commodora, Honda Civic. As he is a young teenager with a family, I think it is important to possess a car with at least the 5 star safety rating. If you purchase a second-hand car after 2005, most of the well known brands will have 5 or 6 airbags as standards now. Here is a site worth visiting carsales.com.au,

Answer #5

Depends. A one-year used car is often 60% of the price of a new one. Older cars are only good to buy if you can take a car mechanic guy who you trust. My father in law worked at a repair garage all his life. I’d always take him along when I plan on buying a used car. He knows what to look out for.

Answer #6

There is no budget. He will keep the car for as long as it lasts. He will be using it to drive to and from work and to take his two girls out at least three times a week. He likes to walk too so he does a fair bit of that. He won’t need any big space as his two girls are about 4-5 years old. He is studying as well as working in a small cafe as a waiter. There is absolutely no chance of any more children as he is a single father (the mother isn’t in the kids lives). Thanks a heap for the suggestions though. I’ll be sure to check them out! It also doesn’t matter whether it’s new, a hand down or secondhand.

Answer #7

The Lancer is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much!

Answer #8

We just got a Nissan Altima Hybrid, great gas mileage (we’re getting 33 on average, with 37 on the highway) and personally I like it’s looks and the new hybrid technology. Kids like it also. Consumer reports rates it very well, I believe it was the number one family car this year.

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