Why is my car shaking while driving 55-65 mph and pulling to the left?

what is that? is it dangerous?

Answer #1

Make sure you are not driving with your foot on the brake. It will make your car shake. Resting your foot on the pedal will constantly engage your brake and damage them very quickly. If its shaking and the above is not the case, there are three options:

your tire is fully faceted, your wheels are not properly aligned, or your brakes are acting up.

The most dangerous one is that your wheel is not fully on. Try and tighten the bolts of all your wheels. If this solves it, congrats! No mechanic!

If your wheels are not properly aligned or your brakes are screwy, you’re going to have to see a mechanic. However, if you talk real smooth, you can probably get the alignment for free anyway (its common and doesn’t take too much). Anyway, if its alignment its bad for your tires, but of no danger to you. If it is brake, there is slight risk (you still have power braking, just not the vacuum brake), but it will still work. You’ll just have to use a little more leg power to get what needs to be done done.

Answer #2

K im thinkin it may be a balance maybe?? and an alignment? cuz i just had my brakes worked on and got two new tires. One in the fron and one in the back. But i dont think they balanced them

Answer #3

Sounds either like one of your front tires is going bad, is out of balance or your alignment is off.

Answer #4

bring your car into a service center, and explain to them what is happening,.. you’re alignment is most likely off

Answer #5

Go get them aligned then. Make sure that the tire on faceted correctly though! Just take of the hub cap and take your tire iron and make sure they are all tight. Ok, make your dad do that. =)

Answer #6

ur wheel alignment must hav changed it happens nd is cmpltly nrml just hav a check up done :)

Answer #7

k i will make my bf lol

Answer #8

it could be the weights inside your wheel are incorrect, or if you skidded recently your tires could have a flat spot on them. the pulling is most likely due to low tire pressure on one side of the vehicle however coupled with abnormal shaking it could be anything from alignment to wheel damage. go to your local autoparts store and ask them to take a look at your car and tell them what is doing exactly, theyll usually help you for free and if you hint that youll buy the bad part there they might really try and diagnose it. give it a try. but you definately dont want to continue driving unfixed for an extended period because severe shaking can cause further damage to lots of parts of the vehicle.

Answer #9

oh this happened to my dads car, turned out he had something wrong with it and he drived with a lagging to the left on the motorway and we almost crashed so u might wanna get that checked outt

Answer #10

See the alignment and balance and make sure that your car suspension is perfect


Answer #11

Wheel out of balance, low tire, bent tie rod.

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