How can I save up for a Jeep even though I'm 15?

Im 15 and I want a Jeep. Not now but when I go off to collage. I know my parents will be able to help me but I don’t want them having to pay most of it. I already have about $300 in savings and I’ve been offered a job at the River Bank Zoo & Old Navy. What are some good tips on saving & spending so i’ll be able to afford this Jeeep when it’s time to pay up?

Answer #1

Ok say you make $700 a month . You dont pay bills yet right ? You could put $200 in the bank , give your parents maybe $100 and have $400 for yourself . If you keep doing that you’ll most likely have enough for a jeep . You could even go up to putting $500 in the bank and $100 for yourself . Just as long as you put money in the bank .

Answer #2

If you work, then the money that you earn can go towards your savings account, or to your parents for safe keeping. Keep in mind though, you probably won’t make much because 10-20% is taken away for taxes and benefits.

Answer #3

If you made $700 a month and you were really serious about saving up, I would put $625 in the bank and keep $75 for yourself. I know that’s not a lot, but it should be enough to go to the movies and buy clothes for yourself. It’s not like you have to pay bills or anything, so you should really put a lot in the bank to keep yourself from spending it, especially if you want a Jeep. What sort of Jeep do you want and what is the date of your birthday? I will calculate how much you need to put in the bank a month to save up.

Answer #4

if ur parents give u poket money……….then try saving it u just have to save about 600$

Answer #5

go on craigslist and try finding one in good condition you’d be surpirsed,a lot cheaper then one right off the lot!

Answer #6

oh god dont buy a jeep, theyre made by daimler-chrysler-fiat, and theyre sh@t. seriously, get a camry.

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