Engine might you think will be best for the 91 accord 4 door?

I have a 1991 accord Minor exterior and interior damages But I can fix those up for dirt cheap.

My main concern is the engine Shitty f22 in there right now Engine sucks more than paris hilton But it’s like terminator in a way that it just wont f*cking die already.

Im looking for a new motor, so far I have a few options.

C32 J37

Im looking for a v6 because I want more torque, pistons and displacement than the traditional i4 vtec, beileve it or not but the v6 vtecs are also a lot cheaper in some cases so they’re quite a bargain.

Heres the thing though, im going for the engine with the most power out the box. This is why I turn to the j37. Its hondas way of setting out a light weight, small and compact vtec. Statistics say that its 1.5 inches shorter than a vq37hr. Width isnt a factor because accords actually have pretty good sized engine bays but that fact alone says that honda did a great job with the j series because the vq series that nissan and infinity use is by far some seriously high class top dollar sht. But, the head is different. The vq uses a dohc set up and the j uses a sohc setup. The j series head is narrower than a f22 which is what I have on there which is good but it is heavier than a h22 head which is a nice big old dohc fckin head… The j series in a compact engine but not really the most sophisticated engine when it comes to the department of “technology”. Why would one sohc v6 j series head way more than a h22 dohc i4 head? Its questionable. But wait, theres more. People are looking for a dohc head to go on the j series but that will take away how compact the engine is because the head would be wider and will angle up in a way that will affect the hood of the car. Eventually the engine would become taller than the vq series. It will also gain some weight being that it has 2 more cams. But im not the person to give a rats as$ about the engines weight, im not quite building a f1 race car here. Im just looking for a reliable and powerful dohc vtec that is capable of enduring the abuse to satisfy my hunger of doing about 140 to 150 on highways. I would also like something that had a lot of “off the shelf” aftermarket parts. The j series gives me power, but it would not give me a dohc setup, good aftermarket, and size is now a question being that a dohc setup will cause me to change the hoodline and many other things as well such as the valve train, the vtec, ecu and so on which by the time all of that is changed up, it wouldnt even be considered a j series engine.

Then I check into the c32 Its expensive No where near as powerful But more compact Dohc setup :*d Larger rod bearings will allow me to exceed 8k rpm Cylinder walls… Etc. Its a durable engine, it has the potential to be the engine that im looking for Aftermarket is great Fairly decent power But Its quite expensive They can run up to 7500 as opposed to the 3k that I can get a brand new more powerful j37 for. And its also built for a mr car so im not quite sure if the c32 is compatible with the ff setup that the accord has.

Im debating if I should get aa j37, a c32, or should I just wait for honda to set out a larger, more powerful, compact, and more affordable dohc v6 vtec.

If they dont come out with it soon, which engine might you think will be best for the 91 accord 4 door?

Answer #1

I heart you

Answer #2

you have opened my eyes…

Answer #3

Is the miles/condition really worth the fix?? You selling it or just trying to make it last for personal use?

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