How can I keep from binging on junk food?

Answer #1

Eating everything in moderation. Most of the time bingeing = your body telling you that you’re in need of some vitamin, or it’s freaking out and saying I’M FRIGGING STARVING TO DEATH! I’M GONNA EAT EVERYTHING! USUALLY CARBS!

So make sure that you’re getting all the vitamins you need, eating properly, etc. And remember that every so often you CAN have a treat. One slice of cake won’t spontaneously make you obese…and even if it did, it’d be worth it ;)

Answer #2

Don’t buy it. Fill the house with healthy alternatives. If you can’t stop buying it, limit the amount a little bit more each time. Because of junk food, our bodies get very used to sugar, salt and fat, and as our tolerance for those things grows, we’re less in the mood for real food. Food manufacturers try their best to get you to eat fatty greasy salty things or fatty sugary substances, because they are addictive.

Answer #3

Keep in mind this will help you in the long run. Stock up on water bottles, the more you drink the more full you will feel. Buy healthy but tasty foods like watermelon and nuts (unless you don’t find those tasty) Dark chocolate is healthy every once in awhile, you can have that as a once a week snack. Fruit bars are great, boiled eggs, and crisp veggies you can bring along like snap peas.

Answer #4

Lemon juice works well as a hunger suppressant as long as you don’t develop an eating disorder or let the lemon juice touch your teethe, this will cause enamel problems

Answer #5

Thank you everyone for the amazing advice. Ill try a little of everything you have suggested

Answer #6

Make sure there is nothing to binge on :)

Answer #7

I’ve been waiting for this question, Rose. The reason you’re binging, at least one main reason, is that you’ve been trying to starve yourself for so long. That’s why I cautioned you before about “yoyo-ing” weight.

A weight-loss diet that undernourishes you will fail, because you can’t maintain it. You need to find a diet that is healthy in the long term and that will serve to regulate your weight properly as well.


The single best thing you can for yourself diet-wise is this:

Eat lots and lots of non-starchy vegetables! As many different kinds as you like or can learn to like. Fresh and frozen. Especially green and leafy vegetables, but other kinds, too. Both raw in salads without rich dressings, and cooked with little or no oil.

In addition, eat lots of fresh or frozen fruits, all different kinds - they’re easy to like!

Stay away from all refined foods.

No sweeteners.

No “white” grain products - whole grains only, and not a lot of those. Small amounts of starchy veggies are ok, too.

As much as you’re comfortable with, stay away from foods of animal origin - meat, dairy, etc. If you do eat them, make sure the meat is lean and the dairy non-fat.

But instead of those, better to eat a variety of beans and lentils, and add a handful of nuts or seeds to your salads.


This diet will give you plenty of protein. (People usually don’t realize, green veggies have about as much protein per calorie as most meat and dairy foods!) It will leave you feeling fully satiated because it’s full of high-fiber foods. It will give you tons of thousands of different kinds of micronutrients that will leave you feeling well-nourished. And it will help you shed pounds (at a sustainable rate) because it provides all these nutrients in a dramatically lower-calorie package than what most Americans eat.

It will also help your body detoxify itself, winding down the food addictions that leave many of us craving all the wrong things: sugars, fats, salt, etc. Instead of fighting your appetite all the time, you’ll become able to rely on your appetite to tell you when you are really hungry for nutritious food, and you will come to prefer the foods that satisfy that appetite without driving your weight up.

At the same time, it will protect you from serious long-term health problems like cancer and heart disease.

I invite and encourage you to try it for six weeks, and see how it works for you. Check in with me about it from time to time, if you like. I’ve lost 20 or 25 pounds since I started shifting toward this diet a few months ago; five pounds in the last week or so now that I’m following it more closely.

For more info about it: or better yet, read Eat to Live! by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Answer #8

each time you turn it down your will becomes stronger… its like building a muscle you have to exercise it

Answer #9

De ja vu :P

Answer #10

Lol, yes, partly, but timing is everything {:^) And answers, unlike food, can be improved by refining them.

Answer #11

Make a desicine to overcome and believe yourself you can do it, then make a plan to do it, first not beat up yourself when you eat the junk food, it is ok, patience with yourself, believe you can chage the habit, just eat less and less each day, eat small portion than before, if sometimes could not get the temptation, it is ok, just keep on, not put attention on what you could not eat, put attention on what kind of food you can eat. Eat some healthy food like protein, vegetable and take some good quality nutrtion supplyment, when you do that, your body condition will change, and you will more like to eat healthy food.

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