Does anyone believe global warming is not true?

Does anyone believe global warming is not true?

Answer #1

I don’t believe global warming at all and im only thirteen years old. In fact, I’m a conservative :)

Answer #2

true or not I think we should still try to preserve energy and try not to pollute as much

lts clean up earth a bit

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I dont believe global warming is real, and im only 13 years old. In fact, I’m a conservative. :)

Answer #4

truly, I beleive it is just a natural state of the earth. and, really- there is no true answer.

Answer #5

I am challenging individual Americans to check for themselves what the rest of the world believes

Well, in a recent survey, 3 out of 4 Britons believe global warming is a natural occurrence.

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I do not believe its true… even though there are evidents to global warming… I think that rather then worry about global warming we should more so worry about the next ICE AGE. The earth has the power to adapt and change which is what Darwin believes in.

Answer #7

I believe its true

Answer #8

Unfortunately, flossheal, the rest of the world is not in league on the issue of global warming. The environmental standards of most developing countries are horrid, and the CO2 levels of those countries are climbing rapidly. How can you get upset at us for not wanting to agree to a protocol that doesn’t even include the world’s biggest polluter (not us…it’s China). Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan, also have policies similar to the US, as they have failed to stabilize their emissions. In fact, of all the industrialized nations, only Germany and the UK have significantly reduced their emissions. If I were you, I’d be more worried about Spain and Portugal to your south…together their emissions have risen almost 100% since 1990.

The truth is, there is opposition to Kyoto and the theory of global warming all over the world, including France (check out Claude Allegre, a physicist and former education minister). So enough of this “America is ruining our world” crap that people keep throwing at us. Learn a few more facts before you get all preachy.

Answer #9

There is, of course, a great deal of evidence of the existance of periodic global warming. There is also evidence of periodic global cooling as well. Typical of cyclical events. The “sky is falling” group tends to beleive that the warming trend will continue unabated until the earth is uninhabitable but if nature repeats itself yet again a few decades down the road, the temp will start dropping again and the global cooling bunch will get the spotlight. OMG what do we do now?

There is a greater question –is it necessarily a bad thing? Agriculture has benefitted by it and the northern regions have been enjoying milder winters. Ya gotta love that!

What I find of most concern is that people don’t realize that if we ‘sacrifice’ to the point of hardship, the “benefit” with respect to global warming is nearly immeasurably small–the ecosystem is so hugely vast. The sacrifice might make us feel good because we are contributing to the so called “saving the Planet” but it probably won’t matter in the slightest. The Earth has been here for quite awhile and has survived much worse than what we’re doing to it.

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize it’s a system that self balances–clear cut some trees here CO2 goes up. Increases in CO2 promote plant growth elsewhere to balance it out–and so it goes. Its tough to break it.

It also appears that the issue is a huge money maker for lot’s of creative folks out there who’ve figured out that if they can get people to pay higher prices for “environmentally friendly” products, they stand to profit more than selling the regular stuff. In many cases, the “friendly” products really aren’t any better, just more costly. Sometimes I wonder if the use of ‘green’ alludes to nature or the color of the money… gee, did that sound cynical?

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I think its true I mean over the years the weather has kinda changd nt anything drastict bt you know…

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A cardinal in the Catholic Church says the hysteria over man-made climate change is akin to a “new religion” and a symptom of “pagan emptiness.”

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has been the target of criticism in his country for expressing doubts about the validity of man-made global warming.

In an interview that appeared in The Catholic World Report, he said: “Right now, the mass media, politicians, many church figures, and the public generally seem to have embraced even the wilder claims about man-made climate change as if they constituted a new religion.

“These days, for any public figure to question the basis of what amounts to green fundamentalist faith is tantamount to heresy.”

Cardinal Pell called long-term weather forecasting “notoriously imprecise,” and pointed to predictions in the 1970s that the planet was about to enter a new ice age because of global cooling.

He said some of the more “hysterical and extreme” claims about impending climate change “appear symptomatic of a pagan emptiness, of a Western fear when confronted by the immense and basically uncontrollable forces of nature…

“It’s almost as though people without religion, who don’t belong to any of the great religious traditions, have got to be frightened of something. Perhaps they’re looking for a cause that is almost a substitute for religion.”

As for Al Gore’s message of doom about climate change, Cardinal Pell noted that there are “significant errors” in his film “An Inconvenient Truth,” and added: “Few of us have the scientific knowledge to question the wild claims Gore has made — other than some grains of common sense.”

Answer #12

It’s called Climate Change, rather than Global Warming, so let’s not get too excited about a bit of cold weather…

If 60% of Climate Change pollution is caused by our own lifestyles, and only 40% by companies and businesses (New Scientist, November 2007), then I think that the minor ‘sacrifices’ we can make, which also make us healthier and save us money, do make a big difference.

There are some people I really respect here who have bought into the ‘Global Warming Denial’ thing, and they will probably dismiss me for pointing out the the majority of the world believes in what they deny, but I have to stick my neck out again: It is complex science and it doesn’t suit our desire to keep things the way they’ve always been, but Climate Change is real, is largely man-made, and can be reversed enough to make a difference to the forthcoming generations. Are you prepared to risk you child’s lifestyle just to keep your own ‘good life’ the way it’s always been?

Answer #13

Ok…levels of CO2 are increasing every year, CO2 is a greenhouse gas which warms the atmosphere, hence Global warming is occurring at an accelerated rate. Sure the Earth has natural cycles of warming & cooling… BUT… never before in Earth’s history have so much of our forests been decimated, and never before have we polluted as much as we do now. For those who think it’s just a NATURAL cycle…think again!!! There is nothing NATURAL about the impact humans are having on this planet. It’s a scam?? Oh please!!! I wish it was. If under-developed countries like India & China polluted at the same rate the US did, we would be in even bigger trouble…we need to set an example of what should be done, for too long the oil companies have had a strangle hold on the development of low emission cars or ZERO emission cars…unfortunately MONEY is power & too many politicians are linked to big business. It’s 2008…WHERE IS ALL THE ELECTRIC & HYDROGEN MOTOR VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY??? …in the hands of the people that make BILLIONS polluting the atmosphere, they want you to believe its all a scam…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

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The earth does go through natural cycles of cold and warm. These can just be repeating patterns, or they can be triggered by catastrophic events like a meteor strike or major volcanic erruptions. What we see now, which has never been seen before, is the fact that a species on earth now has enough power to trigger one of these catastrophic events. That means us…

So, while some of what we see happening to the climate is part of natural cycles, we are now adding to the problem at a remarkable rate - the natural rate of change would be much slower and less dramatic.

Maybe you’d argue that it’s not a problem. Try that on the inhabitants of Tuvalu - it’s the first island in the Pacific which is actually beginning to go under water as the sea level rises. Others are going to go under too, but it’s happening to the Tuvalans right now. Many of the younger people are leaving, but older people feel they have nowhere else to go and are just appealing to the world to pay attention and change their carbon emmissions now.

And if you’re American and don’t believe in global warming, I suggest you find out what the rest of the world is thinking - unfortunately, the US has become a bit isolated in its thinking on this. The rest of the world is much more aware of the problem and taking it more seriously.

Answer #15

I DONT believe in global warming because in China and Russia The earth still is breaking world records for cooldest time of the year. I also dont believe in it because people say its our fault that its warming, but the sun is warming and theres no people on the sun, mars is also warmingas fast as us and theres no people there either. Scientists have done many tests of global warming and it hasnt happened or is happening now. After all only 25 years ago scientists said that there should be an ice age, but after that time they said it was going to happpen, it didnt so they just changed it, saying that it didnt happen because of global warming. There is no global Warming and if you talk to scientists of this century studing climate control, they would tell you that they have tried to tell people that there is no global warming and that it shouldnt happen in at least 80 years, but they cant change peoples minds ever since that “ice age era.”

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Answer #17

Global warming isn’t true! I don’t believe that it exists.

Answer #18

Fact: The Kyoto agreement is now superceeded by the Bali Agreement (Dec 2007).

America is not ruining our world. But if you look at the locations of those who say they believe in Global Warming, a lot of them are the minority of Fun Advisors who live outside the US. So I’m not blaming the US for global warming (check my comments above if you doubt me) but I am challenging individual Americans to check for themselves what the rest of the world believes. This question is about what we believe, not what we do.

Answer #19

If you have a “Faith based religion” - the answer is NO! prepare to be swiftly taken away. If you understand Peak Oil.. and No we are in for Bad Times - sooner than you could ever have imagined. - Global warming is the least of your concerns. begin to prepare TODAY!

Answer #20

I hate to tell you this, but global warming has not been proven. It’s still considered a theory and that’s is why there is still on going debate.

I do believe it’s true. What has made people so panicky about this warming is because of the rate of the warming.

Answer #21

I believe the earth is getting hotter because god will one day set the whole earth on fire and we will all die. we are just building up to it

Answer #22

that is almost a rediculous question. global warming is not a theory– it is a scientific fact meaning it has been PROVEN.

Answer #23

But for an alternative Christian view, I recommend a good Bible Study from Britain’s ‘The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund’ (which is snappily known as Tearfund).

Answer #24

I personally believe it’s a normal earth climate-cycle - lots of views here:

Answer #25

F you k Global Warming its all a scam they fake the test. all Democrats want you to do is pay them money. they even pay the scientists to say it is true. has water levels rised in New York like they said? F you K NO so all the people that believe in Global warming are Dumasses

Answer #26

Strangely enough this huge list of ‘Opposers’ is not restricted to ONLY Americans:

Answer #27

Information: 31,072 signers, including 9,021 PhDs:

Answer #29

I personally think it is some superior being(from another galaxy) who has altered Earth to warm every so often to prevent another ice age…I know its probably not true and is science fictiony, but it is kinda cool if you think about it

Answer #30

It’s a natrural part of earth just like we went through the ice age expect now we are edmitting way to much carbon dixode in the atmosphere so in away we have started global warming or impacted the cycle of how the earth will be in 20 years

Answer #31

I dont think its true. its a scam.

Answer #32

I feel like the first person is right its a natural process of earth and within the next 10000 years we’ll have another ice age

Answer #33

I believe glomal warming is true!!

Answer #34

how is it not true if scientists have worked it out?

Answer #35

How is global warming not true people say is a scam that is just a big government hoax to make you waist money but if you are smart enough to notice their actually telling us to reduce the amount of electricity buy energy start t light bulbs use less enegy and and is more durable they tell us to recycle we are the ones getting a proffit of recycling. to use a car giving us tips on how to save gas were actaully saving money on all of this thing and believe me the government dosent usally helps us save money so you should be concern.

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Unfortunately I don’t it’s too late to do much of anything. What’s going to happen is going to happen and we just all need to adapt to warmer weather. The world will change dramatically and there’s not much we can do. Most governments only make token gestures because frankly most people care about the short term and their lifesyles then the environment and the future.

That being said, I think we should try to lower as much as possible and find new methods of fueling ourselves so we don’t wind up like Venus in a 1000 years. Either we find a new planet or do something now.

Also worrying about the next ice age will do absolutely no good because there is nothing we can do about that. Besides I doubt human civilization will even be around then.

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I believe that global warming is true, but not for the reasons that some people…coughalgorecough…think. it is a natural occurance, and we just have to adapt to it like the rest of the world. people are part of nature too – we were not put here by something, or flew in from another planet, and we are just as much of a cause of global warming as anything else is.

Answer #38

Yes…Global Warming IS a fact…so was the Ice Age…and then it warmed up again…Humans today think in such small terms…2000 years is drop in the bucket in geological terms. The first well documented Ice Age happened 630 to 850 MILLION years ago (key words are “well-documented”), the Ice Age of 1 BILLION years ago, is hypothetical :)…To see a continued warming, which has been going on for about 10,000 years, would seem normal in the giant scheme of things…

I hope the panic about Global Warming is as “well-documented” as the occurance, itself…it might save all the people coming down the road in 10,000 years, some sleepless nights.


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Answer #40

Sorry - my answer above began in a rather bad tempered way. I apologise.

Answer #41

I believe it’s true just because it’s a scientific fact. It’s hard to fight against what science has proven true, although I’m sure it’s been done before. I do as hell hope that it’s not true, though.

Answer #42

I believe that it is true and that we are living in denial. I also believe that there is a tipping point coming in this century, a point in time after which it will be VERY difficult to counter the effects that have built up. I admit that I’m fatalistic about it in many ways. I think that in the very long run, the only thing that will preserve humanity is a diaspora from the planet. Whoa, I must have had some dark dreams last night.

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