What does everyone think of this poem?


I wrote another poem, but they took it off the site, they said it had bad content, and they don’t like what I write,

Freedom of speech is useless, in this censored world today, I’d really like to tell you, what I am not allowed to say,

What is the point of talking, if you can’t speak whats on your mind, I don’t censor my music, because it feels just like a lie.

Censorship is control, controling what we do, controlling what we hear, controlling what we view,

I feel just like an animal, I’m trapped inside a zoo, People telling me whats what, in attempts to hide the truth.

I won’t let you control me, I won’t ever let you win, I’m way to strong and way to smart, so know who you’re messing with/

You can try all that you want, but you can not hold me down, in the end, you’ll be the one, who’s lying on the ground/

I wrote a poem and they wouldn’t let me post it so here’s anotha one, this one only took 2 min because I was so inspired lmao. This has to be a question, sooo… WHAT DOES EVERYONE THINK OF THIS POEM?!?!?!

Answer #1

thank you everyone, I’m going to keep writing poems every day for all of ya’ll and for myself, maybe I’ll take parts of some of my poems and make em into my songs! if ya really like my poetry you might like my music, you should join my lil fan club thing I started. I got to go home, I’ll be back tomorrow :)

Answer #2

It was taken down because it was a poem, not a question. It had nothing to do with the content.

And you can’t complain about censorship when you have already agreed to abide by the Terms of Use of this site.


Answer #3

I AGREE! Give us FREEDOM lmfao :) Good poem!! lol all your poems are really good!!!

Answer #4

yea its the truth tho lol

Answer #5

If you don’t like our Terms of Use And feel you can’t take any more Instead of writing whiny poetry Allow me to show you the door.

Admins get the final say in what stays and what goes. If you don’t like it, delete your account. Simple as that.

Answer #6

ok, so you going to go pulling down everyone’s poems? because I can go make a list of everyone in violation of your beloved terms of use, and if you took all that stuff down, you probably wouldn’t have very much of a site left… I just don’t get why I can’t post a poem, but you can have 10 year olds talkin to adults about their sex life… If you want me to bring all the dirty crap people don’t talk about out into the open I’m more than willing, because my intellegence is on a higher level and I welcome any debate or challenge, it’s a nice thrill. I’ve seen soo many violations of the terms of use that get ignored, and then I put up a harmless poem and it dissapears… now I’m sorry, but that offends me quite a bit that you’d just take my art and dispose of it, but you’re going to sit there and let kids chat with potential pedafiles about sex.. not that there aren’ty plenty of good people helping those kids, myself included, and trying to steer them in the right direction. still, there are a million and a half flaws that I could point out to you, so I don’t see why you had to take my poem down… and when I wrote that keep in mind, you hadn’t responded to my mail yet so I figured that it was over content, and in return, came up with an AWESOME poem about censorship… sooo, o well, a mistake turned into a great peice of art, thats how most masterpeices were made anways…

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