Are we starting global cooling?

I’ve recently heard global warming is slowing down and we’re going in to global cooling. Is this true?

Answer #1

this is a topic that has caused a lot of controversy. I will not state yes or no because I am not certain. What i am certain of is that the globe for centuries has gone through changes. Many changes in temperature, going up and going down. It is not something new and it is something that will continue to occur.

Answer #2

a while ago there were rumours of the global cooling after small numbers of difference in temperatures were analyzed. More recently the temperatures were slightly higher so it was called global warming. now its declining again and instead of admitting patterns, it is now known as global climate change.

Answer #3

Rising atmospheric temperatures (and associated temperature rises like sea surface) has the potential to effect atmospheric ocean currents such as the gulfstream. So even though some parts of the earth may be warming, other parts may actually be cooling. It is a very complex system to understand, let alone completely understand the influence of man’s activities on the climate.

Answer #4

When the pollutants (greenhouse gases) started warming our atmosphere it began melting the major glaciers in places like Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica at an unprecedented rate. I believe the cooling trends we are experiencing is from the melting icebergs that cool the oceans waters and when they evaporate it cools the atmosphere enough to impact our climate for short durations. An example of this is 2010 & 2011 winter weather in the Northeast, USA. Normally the Caribbean and Gulf waters are warm and when they evaporate into the air currents going up the East coast, they have enough force to stop the frigid air coming down from Canada in the snow belt area of upper New York. Because the water is quite a bit cooler than what is considered ‘normal’, the cooler air current doesn’t have the ability to push as far north and blends with the Arctic front farther down the East Coast, causing snow and ice to fall in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and sometimes even Florida. This also makes the temperature in these areas quite a bit lower also.

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