A new poem what do you think

Hey its kamari was up yall I just wrote another poem this poem is not real but its so true it just goes to show you its not always greener on the other side but anways this poem is a little different from what im use to writing injoy and tell me what you think this one is a deep one so sit back lol

Black baby boy, born in the ghetto, you can picture this Gang bangin, drug related, just another statistic But this story is a little different than you’re average one Mom and dad were there living together to raise this son School age now, bussed to the county to learn a better way of life

Made best friends with another boy, oh by the way this boy is white Every day he comes to school in a yellow bus with his friends While the little white boy comes to school in a new mercedes benz After school hot plate keeps warm the rice and chicken While little white boy dines on filet mignon prepared by the chef in their kitchen

Little black boy says his prayers that was taught to him by his parents While little white boy sleeps with a pillow over his head as he listens to his parents vent Eight long years, graduation is coming the end of the school year is in site Little black boy tells his friend, “some days I wish I was white” “your family is rich and we are so poor and I don’t like the ghetto were we stay” Little white boy says, “after I tell you my story you may not feel that way” “my mom and dad are getting a divorce after ten years of hating each other Even when I was attending church the priest molested me and my little brother I would trade places with you in a heart beat And having a home without love it doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat” Graduation day for little black boy, his family so full of pride Oh what happened to little white boy well he committed suicide Live your life to the fullest because it can change in a blink And always try to remember it aint is bad as you think

Answer #1

Wow. That was very visual and emotional.

I am really glad that there are people like you that understand what the world is really like and can show to people through your art.

well done very nice job

Answer #2

has a good point & its true

When I think my life is bad I just imagne all te other kids who have it way worse than me

Answer #3

that ssnice…I wrote a poem for the love of my life and it got deleted for no reason! I wrote it outta spite too, so I never got to save it… =[ bummmer, but you are reallyl good, I wil lbe posting some of my poetry sometime soon!♥ keep writing


Answer #4

wow, that was really REALLY really good! I really liked it a lot. I could picture it the hole time.

( sorry about all thoose “really”) lol

Answer #5

Oh Em Gee! That was an amazing poem. I felt a lot of emotions. You really know how to suck the reader in. You should have this published.


Answer #6

nice poem, yeah its sad but really good! I like it =]

Answer #7

It was really sad. =[ Yet it shows a good lesson.

Answer #8

damn girl uve got talent!

Answer #9

Wow…that was really good and I can definitely picture it…You’ve got talent girl :)

Answer #10

I like it, its true. Id give it 5/5

Answer #11

sad but good :)

Answer #12

I like it! it’s sad but I really like it

Answer #13

I can’t help but say I just love this…one…it tells the truth and has actuall meaning… you know what its trying to say it not a maze…to read is JUST PERFECT…

Answer #14

That is really good - you have a way with words.

Answer #15

it really good and make you feel like you wont to do more

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