What is better: T-zone or Superdrug's tea tree range?

I want to use good natural products to help prevent spots but I cannot decide which of these two to use. I read some reviews online but they are both really good and I cannot try them both out because I tried it before on different products and ended up with under skin acne which my doctor said was with too many thing being used. I would hope that someone has used either of these products and can truthfully tell me about it. Thanx ;-)

Answer #1

When it comes to beauty/skin products there actually is no such thing as “better or worse”. What may work wonderfully for you can prove to be useless to someone else. You have to determine which product is better suited to your own skin type rather than take the word of someone else who may have a far different reaction to the product.

Answer #2

Personally Superdrug’s range works well for me, and is generally cheaper, but it is different for everybody’s skin. I would try it, and then when your products run out, maybe try the T Zone products and see if there is any difference/ which you prefer. Just don’t try both at once, use one for a while then the other if you are not seeing the positive effects you want or your skin does not seem to like it.

Personally I use T Zone nose strips and things, but use Superdrug’s Tea Tree face mask. Just try the different products, at different times, and you should find your favourite. Both are not too dissimilar to each other anyway :)

Answer #3

Thank you! I think I will give the tea tree one a try.

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